A Date With Dan Agbese

Dan Agbese

Dan Agbese

DAN Agbese does not write; he crafts which makes everything he pens down on paper a precious piece of creativity. But there is a problem here for the younger generation which requires to be carefully guided to the grand master because it was not in intellectual contention when Dan Agbese and others in The Guardian line, permit the cliché, bestrode the print journalism gate like colossuses years ago.

As the man himself noted last Sunday, the taste of the pudding is in the eating. Now just a taste of what is on the table for consumption tomorrow and every Igbo man and woman must be part of the breakfast: “The Igbo have not had a president. A sore point, obviously. The other two big tribes have had more than their fair share here.

The Igbo is the third in the three big tribe league in our country. I am not aware that other tribes conspired to deny them the highest office in the land. They, not others, are to blame. The highest office in the land will continue to elude it surely, the tribe that plays its politics poorly.” I needn’t say more. It is all yours tomorrow on the back page!

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