Nigeria’s average electricity generation hits 2,548GWH in Q4

 Egbin Power Plc

Egbin Power Plc

EKO Disco assures customers of improved electricity supply
Nigeria’s generation statistics showed that a total average of 2,548GWH (gigawatt hour) of energy was generated by power stations during the fourth quarter (Q4) of 2016.

According to the latest data from the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS), Egbin Power Plant contributed about 12.47 per cent share of the average energy generated, the highest among the 25 power plants within the period under review.

The transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN), the system operator, allocates the power generated to the 11 distribution companies (Discos) in the country based on their respective networks capacities for onward supply to homes and business.

But due to technical losses associated with weak transmission grid, not all the output was allocated, as the NBS data indicated that an average of 2,497GWH of energy was sent out during the period, with Okpai Power Plant recording the highest percentage average of 12.13 per cent.

Further breakdown of the NBS data also revealed that daily energy generation attained a peak of 3,859.59MW on October 15th, while daily energy sent out was 3,798.16 megawatts (MW).

Similarly, the highest daily output per hour peaked at 92,630MWH also on October 15th with 91,156 megawatts hour (MWH) sent out.

However, the lowest daily electricity production of 2,522MW was attained on October 28th, when energy sent out was 2,472 MW, while the lowest daily generation per hour was also attained same day with 60,546 MWH and 59,328 MWH was sent out.

In November, daily generation was much higher with a peak of 3,707.09MW achieved on the 22nd, and daily energy sent out was 3,644.86MW.

Also, the highest daily electricity output per hour in the month was 88,970MWH and 87,477,156 MWH sent out.

But daily power production dropped to its lowest of 2,685.26 on the 24th with 2,640.99MW sent out, where the lowest daily per hour was 2,640.99MW, while the lowest daily generation per hour was 64,446 MWH and 63,384MWH sent out.

The Bureau could only provide statistics for power generation for December from 1st to 4th, during which daily output peaked at 3,197.03MW on the 1st and 3,153.86MW sent out. The highest daily per hour was same day with 76,729MWH and 75,693 MWH sent out.

On the other hand, the lowest daily generation was on the 4th with 2,737.34MW and the lowest sent out 2,691.70MW, where the lowest daily per hour was 65,696 MWH and 64,601 MWH sent out.

Speaking on the data, the Managing Director, Eko Electricity Distribution Company Plc (EKEDC), Oladele Amoda, promised customers under his network of improved electricity supply based on allocation from the Transmission Company.

According to him, “we all know what Nigeria is going through today, the challenge is everywhere. I know how you people feel and I want to tell you that we are also not happy with the power situation.”

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  • Omoba Oduduwa

    This is really disturbing…

    Last night while surfing the net, I stumbled on some very shocking information. Do you know China generates about 5,682TW (Terawatts) of electricity. I’m pretty sure 99% of Nigerians don’t even know what a Terawatts is…

    If I remember correctly, some time last year the Minister of Power said Nigeria has the potential of generating 12,000MW (Megawatts) but unfortunately we’ve only attained a maximum of 5,000MW in the history of a country of 180million people.

    Now I decided to use a converter to see what China and other industrialized nations who operate within the Terawatts region will generate in Megawatts.

    So let’s convert terawatts to megawatts;

    China. 5,682,000,000MW
    USA. 4,324,000,000MW
    India. 1,368,000,000MW
    Japan. 995,000,000MW
    UK. 338,000,000MW
    Nigeria. 5,000MW

    Seriously Nigerians, is this possible? Did I make a mistake in my conversion because I don’t want to believe this…

    Are we cursed or what? With all the abundance in this country! What sort of people are we? Yet we rally round these politicians and so called clergy men and support blindly based on tribe or religion, when at the long run we’re the ones being screwed!

    How can a nation of over 180million people depend on less than 5,000MW of power? How can we grow economically? Where will the development come from when we don’t have the capacity.

    All we engage ourselves in are tribal/religious wars/killings daily, corrupt leaders in the public and private sectors looting the country’s wealth, lawlessness without fear of the law, broken down systems, schools, hospitals, basic infrastructure all collapsed.

    I can’t believe where we are as a nation. Its a shame really! We should be ashamed of ourselves as Nigerians. I wonder what other nations think about us.
    What a waste generation.