Yudala Luxury Goes Live Soon

YUDALA-officeIN line with its desire to cater to the yearnings of its high net-worth clientele segment, Yudala, Nigeria’s first true composite online and offline retail chain, has concluded plans to launch its luxury goods portfolio known as Yudala Luxury.

Prince Nnamdi, vice president, Yudala Online, said that the expected launch of Yudala Luxury is in response to the needs and aspirations of a defined target audience who are desirous of acquiring these goods through Yudala’s trusted platforms which guarantees genuine products at best prices.

“Yudala is a business that is founded on innovative products and service delivery. Apart from the fact that we have so far launched a number of mass market product lines, we must also not lose sight of the fact that Yudala also caters to a significant proportion of high net-worth individuals. These are individuals and groups of men and women who have acquired a taste for the good things of life, who have an eye for quality and who are ready to pay sensible costs to get these items.

“It is in view of this that we have decided to launch Yudala Luxury through which these luxury items and products will be sourced directly from their original manufacturers the world over and made available for this class of consumers and with the confidentiality it demands. We are looking at products of genuine craftsmanship and quality, products which will go a long way in affirming self-worth and status.

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