Samsung S7: Experiencing so much more from a brand

Brand that keep exciting the market with innovative features not only continue to enjoy visibility as a result of the reactions generated from new product introduction but also enjoy brand affinity and loyalty from consumers. In the phone market, each brand competes to outsmart the other, as a new offering leads to newer ones, setting the stage for a brand contest.

One of the big players in the phone market is Samsung. And it has built a reputation for thrilling customers with new, exciting and innovative features. The knack for top-notch smartphone features has seen it delivering varied model to the market. In 2015, it wowed the market with the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S6 series, a powerhouse of modern and futuristic smartphone. It did not stop there. There was media buzz about a new model to be introduced into the market and when it officially took the wraps off the widely anticipated smartphones, Galaxy S7 edge and Galaxy S7, its engineering and design teams proved to the world that they have undoubtedly produced the perfect Smartphone.

At first glance, the Galaxy S7 edge bears a striking resemblance with Galaxy S6 edge, but the similarity is more to maintain the distinctive Galaxy design, a fusion of metal and glass. The beautiful and stylish S7 edge design has a subtle space-age feel, and is the perfect companion for the ‘socially mobile’ – a perfect work of art.

The Managing Director, Samsung Electronics West Africa, Mr. Chang Wook Lee, said the Galaxy S7 has a 5.1-inch display screen, while the Galaxy S7 edge has a 5.5-inch screen. They both feature Super AMOLED screen, allowing for clearer videos and images with a resolution of 2560 x 1440 (Quad HD). “The devices are imbued with an ingenious Always-on feature, which gives access to certain information on the screen while the Smartphone isn’t completely turned on. Users no longer have to flick the device on to check for the time or take a quick glance at the notifications, as a portion of the device is always on. Could this be a battery nightmare? Not at all, as this feature takes up only one percent of the battery every hour. There is a proximity sensor with its only function being to shut the display off when the phone is in your pocket and to switch it off at night too. Sounds interesting, right?”

He also said that a distinct, unique feature of the S7 series is the fact that they are completely dust and water- proof. “Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 edge both carry a resistance rating of IP68, meaning that the smartphones can survive being submerged in water for 30 minutes at a depth of 1.5 metres. The S7’s waterproofing includes sealed ports; there are no fussy port covers over the USB ports or headphone jacks. The feeling of not having to worry about your Smartphone getting wet in the rain or that accidental drop into a bathtub is always reassuring.

“Another interesting feature that will definitely appeal to users is the battery capacity. Get ready to say goodbye to the mobile chargers and power packs. Knowing that your device can be on all day without searching for a charging point is a big deal and the Galaxy S7 edge and S7 come fortified with 3,600mAh and 3,000mAh batteries, respectively. This means users can watch or stream their favourite videos non-stop for 10 hours without having to hook up to a charger. Also, with the wireless charging feature the phones are built with, users can say goodbye to uncomfortable positions while charging a phone with a low battery power.

Though both the S7 and the S7 Edge Smartphone come with in-built 32GB storage, the devices also support expandable memory using microSD cards of an additional 200GB – a fantastic amount of space for your music, videos, photos and other documents, the Samsung boss stated.

“Users can have all their stuff right in the palm of their hands. The Galaxy S7 series bring your pictures to life like never before on a Smartphone with a simple hand gesture. The S7 is loaded with a ‘Dual Pixel’ rear camera with large F1.7 aperture with Smart Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) feature. The dual pixel technology means that the auto-focus on the Samsung Galaxy S7 series is quicker, thereby producing sharper and brighter images – even in dimly-lit settings. The S7 and S7 Edge include a new feature called Personalised Automatic Brightness Control. What this feature does is that it remembers your preferences at various levels of ambient light, ties those settings to the current reading from its ambient light sensor and produce clearer images.

“One particularly exciting feature is that both devices run on the latest version of Android operating system – Marshmallow 6.0, with 4GB RAM for improved multitasking and a more powerful processor with “thermal spreader” water-cooling technology. This technology comprises of a heat-conducting copper tube “containing a liquid that vaporizes at high temperatures and then condenses at low temperatures, thus preventing the phones from overheating no matter the number of apps you have open at the same time.

The Galaxy S7 edge and S7 both have fingerprint sensors shielding your device from unwanted scrutiny. This is in addition to Marshmallow’s app-permission protocol that lets users customise individual application settings and privileges.

“The gorgeously sleek S7 Series combines metal and glass rather nicely and are available in the trademark Galaxy range of colours – Black Onyx, Gold Platinum and Silver Titanium. The Galaxy S7 edge provides a dual-edge display, which not only looks a lot fancier, but also provides additional functionality. The camera bump has been trimmed considerably to give the phone a flatter back and an easier grip.”

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