Olowonniyi: We Need To Focus On Strong Transmission Grid, Eliminate Captive Generators



Adedayo Olowonniyi is the Managing Director of MAN Diesel and Turbo for Sub-Sahara Africa. In this interview with IJEOMA OPARA and TEMILOLUWA ADEOYE he talks about how Nigeria can solve the power challenge he talks about how Nigeria can solve the power challenge

Tell us about MAN Diesel and Turbo?
we are an engineering company based in Germany and our focus is on generation of power plants to marine engines to proportion systems and on the Turbo marine side, compressors, gas and steam turbines. So, we support the power generation, marine and also the oil and gas businesses.

Looking at the different sectors you are involved in, what do you bring to the energy market?
It is very obvious in Nigeria today that one of the major issues is power generation and supply over the value chain; our business also looks at gas transportation and processing. But our focus is on power generation, is lacking here and is of greatest interest for our company for the development of the nation. We want to bring to the table our technology and expertise, because we believe our products have a lot of value added for the Nigerian market, whether we talk of distribution, generation or gas, there is a lot of capacity and expertise.

Tell us about the capacity and durability of your products?
I think being a German company; we pride ourselves in quality and longevity. MAN has a history of over 250 years and we have power plants that have been running for over 40 years and that is why we look at the life cycle cost of our products instead of the immediate cycle cost; you don’t have to border about replacing every now and then but focus on maintenance. Our products are also environmentally friendly in terms of emulsions; on the regulations in the country, we are certainly sure we meet those regulations.

What is the future of MAN in Nigeria?
We have a very bright future in Nigeria, we believe that the market is deep and looking at the generation capacity today, the total installed capacity is about 12, 000 megawatts and it’s clear that generation capacity has to increase significantly. In terms of manufacturing, you have to look at competitiveness and we as a company look at this from the global point of view; we are concerned about value added services to ensure that products are well maintained.

Any plans to partner with the government?
As you know, government has basically stepped out of power generation and so we are in the world where we need to raise private funds to build a power plant, so certainly, we will work with the government in terms of policies. We are very happy to work with the regulators to look at engine technology and types to support the Nigerian market.

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