O3 Capital, Game Stores partner on credit card payment system


CashlessAS part of its commitment support the Central Bank of Nigeria’s Cashless Policy, O3 Capital Nigeria Limited, in collaboration with Game stores have designed O3 Game Card payment system.

Game Stores is the Africa’s largest discount retailer of general merchandise, operating in Nigeria since 2005 The O3 Game card is the first white label credit card in Nigeria that can be used only in Game stores all across Nigeria.

Speaking at the launch of the card in Lagos on Wednesday, the Chief Executive Officer of 03 Capital Nigeria, Abimbola Pinheiro explained that the card gives customers the opportunity to buy and make payment ‘later’ for any items purchased in-Game stores which is available for use in Game Lagos, Game Enugu and Game Kano.

He explained that the card is designed with a ‘chip and pin’ security technology solution of international standard to reduce credit card fraud.      The facility, according to him, works on a revolving credit basis with a 15-day interest free period and low minimum monthly repayments of 10 per cent.

The Game Card would also offer customers a generous revolving credit limit of up to N1 500 000 based on the qualification criteria of the individual applicants.

“You don’t need to open an account with us, you can get the card from any bank but works on only games stores.”   “Game Stores, Africa’s largest discount retailer of general merchandise has been operating in Nigeria since 2005.

On-going customer research and more than 45 years of retail experience has guided the constant restructuring of Game’s product and service offering, tailoring it to match what consumers want and permitting Game to offer more than what is expected by customers.

“Game is guided by four basic core beliefs, one of which is exceeding the expectations of our customers. Game is the first retailer in the Nigerian retail market to launch an in-store revolving credit card; this is just one of the ways that Game helps customers to save money so that they can live better!

He added that the objective of the O3 Game card correlates to that of the Central Bank of Nigeria’s Cashless Policy, which involves promoting economic activity by utilising innovative payment systems with ease of accessibility to the general populace.

“This is in line with O3 Capital’s mission to take the CBN cashless policy to a whole new level. The O3 Game Card is another avenue to provide the average Nigerian with access to credit that will enable them meet their needs.”

Pinheiro said the O3 Game Card allows the purchase of all forms of goods from any Game store ‘whenever and wherever’ without ready cash. He explined that for all purchases made during the month (payment cycle) the cardholder is expected to make only one payment which does not have to be the whole amount.

“The cardholder can pay only 10% of what is outstanding on the account and roll the balance over till when is more convenient.

There are 3 basic criteria to qualify for an O3 Game Card; be above 21 years old, have a job and live in Nigeria. “O3 Game Cards have credit limits up to N1,500,000 which are revolving credit lines that are valid for 24 months.

The convenience O3 Game Cards offer starts from the application process. You apply online from your desk and the card and Pin would be delivered to you at your desk.Or you to apply in-store at Game stores at Palms Mall in in Lagos , Enugu and Kano  to complete an application form.” He added.

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