NLC advocates establishment of more refineries



…Urges end to fuel scarcity
The Nigeria Labour Congress, (NLC) has called on the federal government to establish more refineries in the country.

This, the congress said will enable the country take full control of the refined product market in the sub-region, and also plan towards moving into other African markets that demand refined products.

Besides, NLC in a statement signed by its President, Ayuba Wabba and made available to The Guardian said there is no rationality in an oil-producing nation depending on importation of refined petroleum products.

Explaining further, the congress said the establishment of more refineries to generate more jobs and fill the employment gap in the country.

“The economics of an oil producing country depending on importation of refined products for its domestic consumption clearly does not make any rational sense. This is the simple truth that we all must come to terms with. Not only is continuing importation of petroleum products putting incredible pressure on our foreign exchange requirements, it exports jobs out of the country; and ultimately frustrates Nigerians taking real control of our destiny in the oil industry, a struggle which Nigerians have been fighting for since oil was discovered on our shores. We will however not allow any group to distract us from our struggle to have control over the operations of the sector, especially as it relates to full sufficiency in refining our petroleum products”, it said.

The union also decried the continuing incidences of fuel scarcity resulting in skyrocketing prices and long queues currently being experienced across the country.

According to NLC, it is disheartening that the scarcity is not abating despite assurances from government and its agencies that there is enough fuel being distributed around the country.

Specifically, it alleged that with the situation still spreading after more than 72 hours assurances means that, “the marketers and other groups that have held the country hostage over the years for their unearned profiteering from the petroleum sector are still determined to continue as if it is business as usual.
“It is completely unacceptable to us that Nigerians are forced to go through the perennial hardship especially towards the end of the year, and now have to cough out between N130 – N300 per litre of petrol in different parts of the country, instead of the official N87 per litre price. This for us shows a clear determination of the unpatriotic operators in the petroleum sector working to circumvent government regulation through blackmail and other unorthodox methods.

“Government needs to urgently address the issue of hoarding by marketers and others who have continued to canvass for so-called deregulation in which government would hands-off regulating prices of petroleum products. Given that petroleum products continue to be the artery of our economy, indeed our existence, it is naïve and foolhardy to expect that government will hands-off the downstream sector and allow for those whose sole purpose is profit-making to take over full control of determining the prices of these critical products.
“The Congress once again commended President Muhammadu Buhari for his stand against the removal of subsidy. The on-going scarcity, for us, is a deliberate strategy by the cabal in the oil industry to force the hands of government to remove subsidy and therefore work against the interest of the Nigerian masses. They have done this and succeeded in the past, most particularly in the governments of former Presidents Olusegun Obasanjo and Goodluck Jonathan, through blackmail and deliberate hoarding of petroleum products”.

Besides, the congress called for punitive measures against alleged perpetrators of the artificial scarcity, adding that it is ready to collaborate with government in her quest to tackle the menace.

“We call on government through the regulatory agencies like the Department of Petroleum Resource (DPR) to impose punitive sanctions on the perpetrators of this artificial scarcity.

“On our part as Congress, we are prepared to partner with the relevant regulatory and enforcement agencies to enforce the N87 per litre price regime. We call on the various state governors who also share the responsibility of providing succor to Nigerians to join in enforcing the official price of products in their domains.

‘At a time when Nigeria is struggling to find new buyers for our primary product – crude oil, as a result of either new or alternative energy finds or cheaper crude oil from war-torn areas, our government must work out a plan to over time be in a position to refine all our crude oil in the country, to add value therein before exporting. This would yield more foreign exchange for the nation, against the current trading in the primary product, which the country has engaged in since oil was discovered in commercial quantity back in 1956”, NLC said.

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  • emmanuel kalu

    NLC is just a waste of time. you tell me how Nigerian’s are benefiting from the subsidy. how many months has fuel being sold at the official rate? Even if fuel has being selling at official rate since after the election, hasn’t the current scarcity and price increase just wiped out any saving that Nigeria people might have gotten from the subsidy? forget about the lost hours waiting for fuel, lost hours not used for productivity things. isn’t NLC the organization that rejected a 51% stake in the publicly traded or privatized refineries. They would have being effectively controlling the refineries. Personally NLC has completely failed the people and should step out of the way and allow progress. Nigeria can’t afford the subsidy. it is killing our nation and destroying progress. it is time to deregulate and let market forces determine the price of fuel. deregulate so that investor can build refineries. government needs to the stop the regulation of prices for various item. food is the single most important thing a human need, yet the government doesn’t regulate it, and there hasn’t being wide spread starvation. The government need to deregulate the downstream sector immediately, stop regulating the price of gas and strengthen the regulator mandates so that they can monitor and prevent price grouching.
    we need a leader that is strong and bold enough to stand up to this people against deregulation and the end of subsidy.