Red Star reaffirms commitment to customer satisfaction

Sule BichiRed Star Express P‎lc has restated commitment to meeting its ever changing customer needs for better satisfaction and value for hard earned money spent.

The Managing Director of the company, Sule Bichi explained the need to meet customers’ expectations going forward as a company, pointing out that the customer is key to achieving organisational excellence and success. ‎

Bichi during the company’s customer forum, said the forum was targeted at creating a platform for the company to interact with its customers and also gather feedbacks to improve service delivery. ‎

“We want to increase the bond between us and our customers. Our customers have kept faith with us overtime and they have continued to patronise us despite the stiff competition.

This customer forum is to rekindle our commitment and show our appreciation to keep serving them every now and then,” he said. In his words, “This forum will also give us the opportunity to hear from them directly to express how they feel about our products and which area we need to improve. So, it is a two way thing.”

According to him, the interactive sessions with the customers in subsequent meeting had impacted its business positively, due to the quality of people attending its yearly customer forum. “We have in attendance so many managing directors and executive directors coming around to speak to us directly and our brand is being appreciated,” he said.

He expressed hope that the government’s move to introduce a bill to regulate the courier industry would drive better performance, participation and investment in the country. “The government is trying on the regulation framework guiding the courier industry.

The federal executive council is coming up with a bill to regulate the industry for better performance, participation and investment for the economy.

This bill will also regulate all players in the industry,” he stressed. Bichi further revealed saying, “What we are doing today is to re-assure you of our promise of continual service improvement and development of mutually beneficial relationship among all Red Star Express stakeholders.

Our goal is to absolutely and positively make every experience with us outstanding by doing whatever it takes to satisfy our customers.” He said based on the growing needs of today’s business, Red Star Express had made major advances in her operations to enhance the ease of doing business.

“In recognition of the ever-changing needs of our customers coupled with the wind of E-commerce that is fast blowing across the world and the recent landmark events in the power sector, we are making huge investments in the areas of technology, manpower, vehicle fleet and equipment,” Bichi added.

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