‘Industrial harmony, panacea to nation building’

businessPARTICIPANTS at the just concluded Chemical and Non Metallic Products Senior Staff Association of Nigeria (CANMPSSAN) annual National Management/ Industrial Relations Workshop unanimously agreed that Industrial peace and harmony play crucial roles in organisational productivity, economic progress and nation building.

The Workshop, held in Ilorin, Kwara State, had as its theme: “Improving productivity and work ethics in the chemical sector to sustain Industrial peace and harmony.”

The participants reasoned that it is the collective responsibilities of employers and employees to seek to maintain a peaceful and harmonious relationship for improved productivity so as to sustain business growth and profitability.

In a communique issued at the end of the workshop signed by the union’s President, Dr. Abdul-Gafar Mohammed‎ and the General Secretary, Sunday Babalola, the participants which cut across workers, captains of industries and government officials, agreed that workplace conflicts have causative factors, which must be identified and constructively managed.

The communique added, “That organizations purpose do not get achieved where productivity falls, and workers quests for better working conditions are unattainable where work organizations are unproductive.

“That employees are organizations most productive assets and must be regarded as partners, managed to understand the aligning nature of personal aspirations with organizational purpose.”

‎While charging employees to demonstrate their partnership with the employers in matters that relate to business sustenance, the workshop likewise called on the employers to show commitment to the welfare of the employees at all levels.

However, where conflicts of interest arise in the course of employers/employees relationship, the workshop said resolution of such conflicts should be pursued with understanding of getting a win/win situation for both parties.

“Effective communication/ feedback between employers and employees is imperative as poor communication could be disastrous in business, employment, labour and social relations”, the communique said.

It also noted that safety at the workplace is the responsibility of all, stressing that employers of labour should ensure the provision of safety wears and safe work environment as accident in the workplace affects productivity.

‎Casualization, outsourcing and contract staffing, the participants said, are different terms used by employers in managing labour cost, but said its worrisome due to precarious work conditions employees under such categories are exposed to. “Labour considers this as an unfair labour practice and therefore recommends government intervention through favourable policies and regulations to check-mate the excesses on the side of the employers”, the communique stated.

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