Ecobank’s wealth arm assures customers of sustainable returns


Ecobank Securities, Wealth and Asset Management (SWAM), an arm of Ecobank Transnational Incorporated, yesterday reaffirmed its determination to help customers create, preserve and protect their wealth for themselves and successive generation.

It however, unveiled additional products on wealth management during the SWAM breakfast session for customers in Lagos.
The Managing Director, EDC Fund Management and Country Head, Securities, Wealth and Asset Management, Ibukun Oyedeji, affirmed that the bank is committed to helping its customers maximise their wealth.

Oyedeji, who is also the Country Manager, SWAM, said Nigeria has over 12,000 High Networth Individuals as defined by global standards and second to South Africa.

However, South Africa has been successful with managing their wealth.

She noted that Nigerians are good at making money and creating wealth, but have not paid attention to sustaining the wealth, and passing it on to the next generation.

She therefore, encouraged Nigerians to embrace wealth creation and preservation as a way of life, especially the wealthy ones. 
She said SWAM’s goal is to help customers to plan their future and their wealth, saying: “As a bank, we think of how we can guide our premium customers to make sure that the wealth that they have created, actually adds value to them, and goes to their next generation and their children’s generation.

“We believe that both local and offshore investment and partnership will help in making this a reality, which is one of the reasons we have partnered with Nedbank because Nedbank brings in that offshore balance into your wealth portfolio.

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