Yes Mobile Partners AXAMansard on Free Insurance on Phones & Computers

Photo: newsverge

Photo: newsverge

YES Mobile; an innovative mobile phone retain chain in partnership with AXAMansard Insurance Plc, has launched an insurance scheme on all phones and computers bought by its customers.

Speaking during a press conference to announce the gesture, Mr Foluso Ogunwale, chief executive officer of Yes Mobile said that partnership with AXAMansard insurance is one of the innovative ways the Yes Mobile tends to transform the Nigerian phone retail market through consumer satisfaction.

Ogunwale explained with excitement that its customers are now able to enjoy insurance cover not only on the damaged screens of their mobile phones which is sometimes as high as 50% of the original cost of the phone; but also provides insurance cover for phones damaged by liquid intrusion.

This offering is the first of its kind in the Nigerian Mobile Phone Retail Space. In its commitment to make this innovative service common; Yes Mobile is offering complimentary Free Insurance on devices bought.
“It is about giving value to customers. Mobile phones retail market in Nigeria has changed in the last five years. Before now, it was about just selling phones to buyers, but Yes Mobile’s innovations are geared towards redefining the whole structure by value addition.
“Without value, there will be no market for us. We have the brainpower to develop exciting products and services. We forecast that factors that will drive customer loyalty in the phone retails market shall be based on the amount of satisfaction they derive”, he said.

According to the Yes Mobile CEO, they are providing improved spread payment plan for customers to purchase phones and make payment within a period of six months.

This initiative is being executed in conjunction with a 3rd party partner firm – Page MFB.
The spread payment plan offered by Yes Mobile promises to be fast in processing time and tailored to be convenient for customers.

“With these offerings,” Mr Ogunwale explained, “Yes Mobile is driven by its conviction that customers deserve more value for money”.
He further explained that with Smart Phone penetration of just 30% in Nigeria, Yes Mobile is committed to delivering more smart phones to customers through excellent customer experience; and innovative services added to the sales of its gadgets.

The CEO further while promising stakeholders more innovative services to be rolled out by next quarter said, “These initiatives will transform the mobile phone retail space significantly”.

Also speaking, Akinmaderin Osofisan, head of Channels Management Group, AXA Mansard Insurance PLC., said that AXA Mansard Insurance as a member of the AXA Group, remains worldwide leader in insurance and asset management.

He said that the group is a conglomerate of independently run businesses, operated according to the laws and regulations of many different countries. Despite being written in upper case, “AXA” is not an acronym, the name was chosen because it is short and can be pronounced easily the same way in every language.

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