ChamsMobile Unveils Nigeria’s First Visa Virtual Card

By Bankole Orija |   04 September 2015   |   12:05 am  


CHAMSMobile Limited, a licensed mobile money operator, and Skye Bank Plc, have launched the first Virtual Visa Card in Nigeria. The Virtual Visa Card is an entirely digital payment card for online and mobile use, both locally and internationally.

The card is unique in that cardholders get a full card image (the Virtual Card) on their mobile device, PC, or tablet, with a plastic card offered as an option if customers prefer.

The new payment system is expected to expand financial inclusion to millions of Nigerians by offering a low cost mobile banking solution, as the card is issued free and linked to a broad range of financial services. It also offers an online payment alternative for eCommerce savvy individuals, small businesses and corporate companies, membership associations, and more.
The new Visa Virtual Card is available under the Kegow brand at Kegow is the program and card brand of ChamsMobile Ltd.

Mr. Gavin Young, deputy managing director ChamsMobile, said that he was excited to partner with Skye Bank and Visa on this unique and ‘First in Nigeria’ Visa Virtual Card payment solution, which was developed with the company’s international joint venture partners Bancore AS (as the mobile financial services processor) and Global Technology Partners (as the Visa prepaid card processor).

“It’s unique in that customers actually see an image of their card on their mobile phones, tablets and PCs, whereby all the essential features of a physical card are shown in it’s ‘Virtual form’; card number, expiry date and CVV number, for example.

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