Seek God First … A reawakening call to salvation

Concerned about men and women spending their paltry time in this world, struggling to acquire ephemeral things that would perish on earth, the General Overseer/President, World New Revival Ministry, Margaret Oluwayemisi Durojaiye came up with the book, titled, Seek God First…Exploring The Route Of Salvation, to warn man of the dangers of moving away from God and the need to put Him first in all we do.

The six-chapter book with 80 pages takes its core messages from two major Bible characters, Moses and Joseph, to tell the global community that anchoring hope in God first will save the world from plagues, social and economic challenges, as well save many people, including Christians, from early death.

The book can be divided into three sub-sections — Chapters 1 to 3 deals on salvation; Chapters 4 and 5 are on service to God, while the last, Chapter 6 is on deliverance. With this, the author is able to deal with all the key issues of how God gave His begotten Son to save mankind.

Chapter One deals on how God sent His only Begotten Son, Jesus Christ to redeem the world, saying accepting Jesus Christ as one’s personal Saviour goes beyond mere words, but to live the word and portray the image of Jesus Christ to the world, irrespective of what one is passing through.

Using Moses as a type, the author notes that the Almighty God knows our challenges, ever before we beginning to think of them, adding that just like he told Jeremiah that right from his mother’s womb He anointed him, so He recognises everyone of us and also knows our thoughts.

Dr. Durojaiye in the book notes that modern Christians, instead of dwelling on the words of God, prefer to live in the flesh, holding tightly to things of the world and placing high premium on these temporal things than the words of God. She notes that the only way man can get out his numerous predicaments is to believe and seek

According to her, such attitude leads to gradual drop of one’s spiritual life, a slope to prayerlessness, aside opening one to devil’s attack. She liken Christians in this category to the people of Nineveh, stressing that if only they could repent that God is ever ready and merciful to forgive them.

The cover picture is apt, showing a man that is trying to chart a way to God, just as the book aims to lead humanity to God. This fully illustrates the essence of the book.

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