Searching… Anumbor’s tales of child, women abuse



As part of her contributions towards a society that is devoid of oppression and human right abuses, Josephine Anumbor has joined other artists in the motion picture industry to engage the screen in canvassing eradication of all forms of discrimination against women and children. With a movie titled Searching, Anumbor attempts to restore hope to women, especially those who, as a result of subjugation and other forms of discrimination, have lost every sense of belonging.

The film, which features prominent Nollywood faces including Yemi Blaq and Eucharia Anunobi tells a story of girl-child abuse, domestic violence, consequences of broken marriages, rape and lust.

The film is a sad commentary on a society that fails in its duties and obligations to the young generations. This is captured in the plight of a young girl who is born outside wedlock and whose mother, rejected by the same man that gets her pregnant, lacks the financial power to guarantee her education.

And when she succeeds in finding her father as a teenager, the rejection and humiliation she receives in place of fatherly love and care forces her into prostitution as the only option for survival. The emotion-laden film climaxes when the father and daughter meet in an unholy circumstance.

The same father who refuses to look the daughter in the face when she needed N5,000 to pursue her education is willing to spend a huge amount on her for pleasure. Fortunately, the young girl is smart enough to recognise him as her irresponsible father.

According to the film producer, Anumbor, the actors were particularly drawn to give proper interpretation to the script. She said, “We engaged the likes of Yemi Blaq because we were looking for a perfect gentleman and for Eucharia Anunobi. You know that some time ago in this country, she played strong roles. So, she was given that role so she could guide the younger ones on how to correct the past in whatever they do.

“She came in to help them to find skills and lead them out of the streets. She was able to tell some of them that it is not nice to be a prostitute, to be in the streets or even to sell their bodies. The movie will premiere on November 26 and the stars would be on hand to grace the event. Others that will be there include those who believe in the protection of the girl-child”.

Amumbor is a movie producer, presenter and child rights activist whose passion for the young ones has been a driving force in her life.

Speaking on the choice of title, she said it derived from its major focus on the travails of women, adding, “Looking at society today you see many young people who have been abused one way or the other. That is why this movie was made so people can rise up against such abuses.

“Anyone watching the movie will see how bad it is. We wanted to show the rapist themselves how animalistic they are. If we wanted to provide answers to all of the questions, we will probably have ten parts to the movie. What we succeeded in doing is to show how bad it really is.

“It is expected that if anyone who is involved in raping women sees this movie, he will not want to continue with the act”.

Although it was not captured in the movie, the producer has canvassed stricter penalty for rape to serve as deterrent. “I think there are existing laws but I believe there should be stricter laws and the implementation must be followed through to serve as a deterrent to people who engage in violent crimes in the society.

“But aside the laws, there is the need for enlightenment because if you have headache and you keep on taking drugs for it without looking for the cause of the headache, you will keep on taking the drugs. It is like holding a balloon and trying to sink it inside water; it will not work until the air is deflated.

“I believe there should be more enlightenment so that the people who indulge in these acts can change their mind”.

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