Saibu unveils sci-fi, fantasy novel, language of light

Between science fiction and fantasy, The Language Of Light, Book One: Beyond Earth, would raise readers’ curiosity as to what would likely happen to man, when aliens come to inhabit the earth alongside man. The book was presented to the public recently at Ikeja Golf Club, Lagos. The book has Ann Bellman, Tiz and Dr. Herrmmann as major characters.

After an accident in London, Bellman begins to doubt her sanity, as she finds herself developing the ability to communicate with Tiz, an alien prince of a planet called Axmorphis. She meets Dr. Herrmann, whose research offers her the opportunity to find answers to the mystery of Tiz. Herrmann’s research leads her to Robert Hall, a young British Minister, who is also seeking answers for the British Government, after soil samples from a UKSA space mission shows the presence of newly discovered alien microorganisms in the atmosphere.

By developing a computer programme code that could communicate with these alien micro-organisms, the duo then acquires a programming code that they are unable to unlock. Caught between an alien prince and a young British Minister, Bellman has to choose her destiny.

Written by Felicia Saibu, the book is distributed by; it is written in simple style for and for all ages. First published in 2016 by Olympia Publishers and printed in Great Britain, the 163-page book has 20 chapters.

While speaking at the launch, Saibu said the book is about choices and how one makes them, adding, “One of the things I love about the book and its story is the idea that the main character has to make a choice, to choose her destiny. Readers will be obsessed with the story and can relate personally to it.

“My passion for writing allows me to express my views, get it across to the audience to understand, how I think. This book started when I came back from the U.K. after my Masters degree programme.

“The Language Of Light came as a result of the idea that if for any reason we come in contact with aliens, how would we communicate with them and they to us? Because there are so many people that speak English, Igbo, Yoruba and other languages, which these aliens do not understand or speak. So, it came to me that the reasonable way to communicate with them would be some mental form of telephony and that is what inspired the title the book.”

Apart from the fact that it is fiction, some might see it as religious story because it talks about aliens, which are assumed to be superior beings. The author stated that the book is in series and she hopes to stop at book five. She also plans to turn the stories into movies.

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