Rymez Making Waves with One Parole



Popular Disc Jockeys and mix tape artistes, have commended the quality of production and rich lyrical content of the rave making song by Supa Rymez, One Parole, a single track by the new kid on the block Ahmed Adeola.

According to DJ Moni, when a song has the right kicks, it becomes the delight of any Deejay because you can mix it with any genre of song, adding, “For me, I flow with One Parole because it combines all rhythmic strings that can go with any other song I want to mix with it. What happens in the industry today is that the rush to drop songs has made many artistes come up with half-baked songs. Some of them could be rhythmically good with very bad lyrical composition, while some that may have perfect lyrical cords may spot bad rhythms. Again, the mixing and mastering of a song matters a lot. But One Parole will pass any test anywhere in the world”.

DJs Samba and T Flash also expressed similar views, adding that this was the reason all the new mix tapes from them has the song featuring prominently.

On how he feels with the rave review his song has received within few weeks of release, Supa Rymez said, “ I think it’s God’s work. Otherwise who am I to attract the attention of these top music players, when bigger artistes are paying heavily to get their attention. When God asks you to go towards a direction, he will always make that journey easy for you. I can only thank God”.

The 18-year-old rising Hip hop act was mainly known for his break dancing skills before he delved into music. He has performed in so many shows both as a dancer and as a musician.

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