New Advocacy Tools To Fight Diseases, Humanitarian Crises

Nonnie (right), and Korede Bello.

Nonnie (right), and Korede Bello.

Nigerian Women in Clergy President and prophetic minstrel, Prophetess Nonnie Roberson has stated that a lot of humanitarian crisis can be solved with the fusion of religion and entertainment. She spoke with journalists on the sideline of the recent 1MillionManWalk Against Cancer put together by the wife of Kebbi State Governor, Dr. Zainab S. Bagudu, through her foundation, Medicaid Cancer Foundation. It was in collaboration with Nigerian Women in Clergy.

Roberson stated that a symbiotic relationship between religion and entertainment must always be maintained, stating that a lot of humanitarian crises in the country could easily be tackled if the two were effectively used.

On why she chose to become a musician almost at the peak of her religious career, she said, “Both entertainment and religion are similar vehicles for expression. Sensitization against certain things, such as this campaign against cancer will achieve better result with the fusion of the two. I can’t see any man or woman of God achieving the best result in his or her calling without the marriage of the two. That’s why we have choirs in churches. Many learn and get inspired more through entertainment. I’m into music today because I want to reach out to more people that God wants me to touch for him. Through my latest single, many lives have been saved. I tell you, we have not started just yet. When God asks you to do certain things, you can’t just resist. It’s like when Samuel was called. I didn’t know what God wanted until I dropped the song. God has performed his work through the song, I must say.”

Prophetess Roberson said she would be featuring some Nigerian artistes in her subsequent releases so as to produce out more universally accepted songs.  She said, “You can see me with most of these young artistes.  They are my children, but we will do things together as children of God. May be, one or two of them will join me subsequently in passing God’s messages to the people. That’s why I said religion and entertainment are one and the same. The only difference is in the style. I have my style though”.

On why diseases linger without solution, she noted, “The bible says, my people perish for lack of knowledge. Most children of God have refused to accept reality in the name of religion, and that is very wrong. We need to accept the fact that we could be victims of certain ailments at any time, so we shouldn’t shy away from knowing about any kind of disease. Most women will tell you ‘God forbid, I can’t contact cancer. It’s not my portion’ so they won’t even bother to be educated on the effect and solutions. We don’t need to be too religious to our own detriment. That you are a child of God does not mean that you should ignore your health. God works in mysterious ways and that could even be why he wants to educate you on some diseases. Don’t shy away from learning about them.”

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