‘How mediocrity fuels corruption in Nigeria’

MEDIOCRITY has been fingered as responsible for Nigeria’s inability to tackle corruption that has eaten deep into its socio-economic and political life. The disclosure was made recently at a book launch in Lagos. 

  The book titled ‘What’s Really Stopping You?’ was written by Pastor Debo Omotunde.
Reviewing the book, Mr. Idris Dele-Osagie stated that while the book’s content has semblance with America’s, it is however conscious and took into cognisance the reality of the Nigerian environment.

 Dele-Osagie pointed out that the book took into consideration the struggle that many youths pass through in life, thus offering solution to breakthrough.

While relating the book with Christian theology, he noted, “its content gives clues to the fact that instantaneous acquisition of wealth is not sustainable but gradual process through capacity development would ensure that success becomes sustainable and generational.” 


While speaking on what motivated him to write the book, Omotunde stated that it was borne out of deep frustrations that many Nigerians pass through to live up to their potentials. 

  Omotunde noted, “the purpose of writing the book is to motivate people to achieve their dreams, one of the factors that hinders many peoples’ progress in their careers is lack of deliberate drive to acquire more knowledge. Despite the myriads of problems presently faced in the country, there is always a way out. There is something that God has empowered you with, the best is to utilise it to the maximum.” 

  While making reference to Joseph’s character in the bible by not succumbing to temptation, Mr Alex Goma, a motivational speaker said that the book also probes into the capacity of individuals to build their character as such would form the basis of trust, hence life-changing opportunities to make it.

 Goma explained that the hardship that people face in Nigeria has made them to be dogged, hence living above their environment to achieve great success, which the book also made contextual reference to.  

 Godman Akinlabi, lead pastor at ‘Elevation Church’ who unveiled the book to the public, said “there is need for the generation to think differently in order to breakaway from the static past, most of the factors that contribute to lack of progress come from the mind.
The book challenges the prevailing mindset, it was when people started dealing with the way people think that things began to change.”

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