Fasuyi… Celebrating 60 with cultural performances


åCelebrant and President, Ibadan Business School, Mr. Yinka Fasuyi and his wife, Bisi at the Art and Culture day to celebrate Fasuyi’s 60th birthday last weekend… in Ibadan

TO celebrate President, Ibadan Business School, Mr. Yinka Fasuyi, at 60 in Ibadan last week, about six hours of cultural presentations that included all the genre of the arts – dance, drama and poetry – were offered. It was innovative for such occasion. Different cultural groups made thrilling presentations to the admiration of the audience.

Some of the cultural groups that performed included Duro Ladipo Troupe, Agalu Cultural dance group and Aje Dance group. In between each circle of performances, there were prayers for and testimonies about the celebrant.

Fasuyi said he felt excited, thrilled and appreciative of God’s faithfulness to him as he clocked 60. He described all the attributes and eulogies by friends, relatives and colleagues as what define his personality; they are products of his background and upbringing.
“I came from a home where we cherish integrity, love and fairness in all our conduct, both in business and social. These values, it has pleased God that one imbibes them from a young age and I have not only embraced them but also sustained them in my relationships with people.”

On why he staged cultural presentations to mark his birthday, he said, as a management consultant of over two decades, he felt like entertaining himself in a unique way rather than organising lectures, seminars or book presentation.
“I said I would like to do something that promotes my origin, values I was born into, the heritage my family cherishes, reason for setting aside a day to share with the world, the concept and richness of Yoruba tradition and culture through putting up a show like this, where eulogies, drama, dances, chanting, magic and all the things that make Yoruba tradition thick are showcased.”

As he marches on in life, how is he looking into the future? He said with the commendations he had received, he was encouraged to continue to sustain the legacy of development of human capital locally and internationally.
“It has been a tremendous pleasure to be in human capital develop and looking back at the services I have rendered, one is encouraged, happy, excited, and motivated to continue to add value, using creativity, innovation to do those things with better vigour though age may no longer allow in terms of pace. But I will continue to consolidate the values as chief consultant of Supreme Management Services.”

His daughter, Faramola Fasuyi described his father as a wonderful friend and role model. He commended him for living a balanced life, noting that in spite of his very busy schedules, he creates quality time for the family.
“With the current realities, you have people who are either workaholic or socialites, not a balance of both, but he is a workaholic, socialite and a family man. Outside of work and travelling to different locations, he still comes back home to organise things that keep us together. Sometimes, we have dancing competition at home, where the best dancer gets a prize from him. We have family trips, visit the countryside, and he ensures we are in touch with our culture.”

Mrs. Fasuyi said she met her husband at his friend’s bachelor’s eve. “He saw me, approached me and today the rest is history. There was peer pressure then, because he had no car, he would come to see me in Queen’s hall with one of his friends, in a rickety car. One lesson I have learnt from it is never to judge a book by its cover. I thank God and am glad I married him.”

The Orangun of Oke Ila, Oba Abolarin, commended the celebrant for staging cultural presentations to mark his birthday, noting that if a people lost their culture, surely they would lose everything. According to him, it reflects who he is and his ingenuity.

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