Dance of Vipers set to premiere

A non-governmental organisation, Students in Nigeria Re-Awakening Initiative (STINRI) in conjunction with Citadel of Art Initiative (Cit o’Art) has launched a new movie titled Dance of Vipers; it focuses on terrorism and war. Dance of Vipers is set on a fictional pre-colonial Igbo community. It is entirely a work of fiction, creatively set to reflect the societal and economic challenges of present-day society. 

  While speaking at a press briefing in Abuja, Chairman, Board of Trustees of (STINRI), Mr. Nathan Oguwike, said the movie urges Nigerians to resist any group which seeks to use intimidation as a means of gaining power. He emphasised that such actions were bad for the political culture and the future of the country.

  According to Oguwike, the movie is targeted against the actions of insurgents and some politicians who secretly sponsor insurgency. He, however, emphasised that the movie does not name names of real Nigerians in contemporary times, and added that all names of characters and places in the movie are fictional. 

  “Students in Nigeria Re-Awakening Initiative (STINRI) has successfully completed the shooting of part one of its epic movie entitled Dance of Vipers, a movie aimed at fighting terrorism in Nigeria,” he said.

  Oguwike stressed that financing the movie was made possible by members of the group, adding that neither political parties nor any politician offered any financial assistance in its production. According to him, the movie will be premiered in Abuja just before the end of January.


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