Fertilizer production: Notore, Mitsubishi Corporate partner to expand existing Onne facility

There are strong indication that Fertilizer production would increase in the future with the creation of an ammonia, urea and other petrochemicals project in Onne, Rivers State, Nigeria.

This follows Notore Chemical Industries Limited and Mitsubishi Corporation joint development expand on the existing Onne facility.

The project will involve the construction of an integrated plant complex with production capacities of 1,700 metric tonnes per day of ammonia, 3,000 metric tonnes per day of urea and 1,500 metric tonnes per day of other petrochemicals respectively.

Notore’s second plant will when fully operational, contribute significantly to providing fertilisers in Nigeria and Africa. They plan to push 1.75 million metric tonnes of urea and 1 million metric tonnes of NPK products into the market. The plant will create around 1,000 direct jobs and 10,500 indirect jobs nationwide. More than two million farmers will have to access the fertilisers, which could mean a ten-fold increase in their harvest, contributing N300 billion to Nigeria’s economy.

Speaking on the new development, Notore Chief Executive Officer Onajite Okoloko said that the company’s successful penetration into the Nigerian fertiliser market was as a result of the establishment of an effective nationwide distribution and sales network aimed at supplying fertiliser directly to Nigerian farmers.

The company made history in 2009 by breaking bulk and reducing the hitherto 50kg bags into 1kg and 10kg bags for easier accessibility and affordability to smallholder farmers who found it challenging to buy fertiliser in 50kg bags. They remain the owner of the only urea fertiliser plant in sub-Saharan Africa.

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