ARM Pension empowers desk officers to address sector challenge

ARM-PensionsTo find lasting solution to the challenges of information gap in Nigeria’s Pension Fund Administration (PFA) sector, ARM Pension recently embarked on an initiative aimed at drastically improving the sector and bridging the gap.

Speaking at a forum to train pension desk officers in Lagos, Director Business Development, ARM pension, Abisola Onigbogi stated that bridging the information gap remained an important step to improve the sector.

According to him, the organisation has launched mobile applications and introduced other platforms that would engage and educate Nigerians on relevant information about their pension fund.

Onigbogi said: “What we are trying to do is to make sure that the whole system work very well. Everybody in the system needs to be at their very best. On our own part, while we send out emails and use other means to educate our customers, we think it is also important to educate those pension desk officers. They are actually the oil in the engine of the PFA and they are the ones that make sure that things works smoothly when there are issues between the customers and the PFA.

There is a lot of work for the PFA to do and this is where you find us at the forefront. What we have seen is that for this year and last year and even going forward, we want to be the one that educate the populace irrespective of which other pension fund firm you belong to, we want you to be able to reach out to ARM Pension for any question or issues which we will address fully”, Onigbogi stated.

He added that the organisation would continue its effort to ensure the people are adequately informed about their pension fund, particularly harmonise issues in case of demise.
“We have mobile app through which we send out information and anyone can sign up and get update information on the pension industry. Those are the things we know that we must continue to do to make sure we bridge that gap which is evident in the industry”, he said.
ccording to him, though Nigerians don’t want to discuss the hereafter, believing heavily in religion that they will always be here but unfortunately, life being what it is, it ends and most times it ends without warning. The pension desk officer also being part of HR are usually the first point of call for family members or beneficiaries of the diseased when these things happen so it is important that in helping their employees manage the hereafter that they begin to put things in place to guide those circumstances.

Also speaking at the event, a director of the firm, Kemi Oluwashina, said: “We believe that one of the ways our clients can come first is if they are sufficiently informed because the pension industry is a highly regulated and it is important that we have the right information that would help them personally and to serve their clients.

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