Tecno Mobile unwraps Phantom 5



Poised by the demand of its premium customers, Tecno Mobile has unveiled the long anticipated Phantom 5 in Nigeria.
With the release of Phantom 5 smart phone, TECNO Mobile will give end users and the entire mobile value chain something to talk about in a long time.

It is a premium smart phone fully optimized for work and leisure with MediaTek TFA9890 Octa-core chipset. It comes with 13 megapixel auto focus camera that takes pictures even in low light and HiFi 2.0 Dolby Nature surround audio-first natural Boom sound stereos with zero sound distortion.

Phantom 5 boasts 360 degree no dead angle fingerprint recognition with unlock speed of 0.7 second which delivers top-of-the-line fingerprint feature from leading Swedish FPC Company

Speaking at the launch in Lagos, Managing Director, Tecno Nigeria, Chidi Okonkwo said, “We are a customer-centric Information technology and communications company with strong focus in Africa. We believe mobile end users in Africa not only deserve the same quality of mobile experience that cutting-edge technology affords the world, African end users deserve smart phones made for Africa-smart phones that identify needs peculiar to us and through in-built features, better the lives of our consumers.

We have seen impressive growth curve in business this last decade, even as we continue to expand our reach in other markets. In Nigeria alone, our human capital has increased by approximately 200 percent; all local staff. This can also be seen as a testament to our strong resolve in becoming one of the Nigeria’s most influential brands by the next decade.

He reiterated the company’s commitment adding that Tecno sees a future Nigeria where technology greatly impacts education, community health, finance, security and politics. The role we hope to play in tomorrow’s Nigeria is one of a partnership- a catalyst-to positive change using innovative mobile solutions to impact state life in a broader scale.

What we see a robust and increasingly segmented space with better informed end users who understand mobile phone specifications and make purchases based on key features like audio quality, camera, internet connectivity and mobile compatibility to 3G, 4G, and 4G LTE networks.

Head, Consumer Protection Council, Lagos, Joshua Yakubu said consumers should get value for their money. Consumers should get enough information before buying a product to enable its optimal usage.

In his remarks, Director Laboratory Service, Standard Organization of Nigeria, Louis Njoku said we are pained by lots of substandard products in the economy. Consumers buy fake phones that can only contribute negatively to their health.

Recently SON has reviewed its Act which has the powers to arrest substandard goods for prosecution. We urge Tecno to start thinking of producing phones in Nigeria. SON supports any genuine company that does the right thing following instruction and compliance.

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