Two Books On Child’s Healthy Lifestyle Out

Ola-&-Bisi-CopyChild’s health advocate Mrs. Edirin Metseagharun has released two new books on healthy eating and exercise for children under the Parresia Publishers Ltd. Following the successful release of her first book Ola & Bisi Adventures of Health (Eat Healthy and Be Smart) June last year, the author has released a sequel Ola & Bisi Adventures of Health (Fit Kid or Fat Kid) and Ola & Bisi Adventures of Health (Parents Guide to Healthy Eating & Activities).

The beautifully illustrated books highlight the interesting adventure of two children Ola and Bisi into the world of healthy living. Using simple language and effortless humour, Metseagharun treats topical issues that any child or parent can easily relate to. Through the two personas, the author introduces children and teens into a world of healthy eating and exercise.

Fit Kid or Fat Kid continues the adventures of Ola and Bisi, two children from a privileged home, presenting kids with lessons on healthy weight maintenance, healthy snacking, healthy drinks and benefits of water and benefits of exercises.

Considering the dramatic manner it highlights the stigma children have to pass through just for being fat, Fit Kid or Fat Kid will appeal to children and their parents. The book, which foreword is written by award-winning children’s novelist Uche Peter Umez, also features informative exercises that introduce children to healthy living. Friendship is another key theme dealt in the book and the consequences of being bullied by your peers.
On the other hand, Parents Guide to Healthy Eating & Activities is a guide to help parents understand and appreciate their children’s health affairs. It focuses on issues, such as how to know if a child has a weight problem; how to provide healthy balanced diet for a child; what to do to make eating out with the family healthy; how to ensure smart snacking for a child, and how to support your child to be active.

According to author, inspiration for the books stems from her passion for child’s health and fitness. Being a teacher, and a counsellor with lots of passion for children’s health, Metseagharun holds dear the belief that “any children’s book worth its name must be able to point a child to the right direction”. As the founder and co-ordinator of Passion For Healthy Kids Initiative (PHKI), a non-governmental organisation that addresses childhood undernourishment, obesity prevention, helping children to eat right and be active every day, she brings her experiences to bear on her three books. “For too long, the message of eating right and being active has been focussed on adults only even in the face of rising obesity levels among children particularly of the affluent. Ola and Bisi Adventures of Health presents this message of eating right and being active to children in simple but interesting story format that will get a child engaged.

According to the author, “The whole theme of Fit Kid or Fat Kid clearly centres on children having the proper weight for their age – by eating the right food and keeping up the right lifestyle so they do not get overweight or underweight and end up being exposed to health challenges sooner or later. The importance of drinking nutritious beverages – such as chocolate and milk drinks and cutting down on fizzy drinks, which are primarily carbonated and full of sugar – is also emphasised”.

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