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IT is undeniable, even with the anti-corruption tactics of President Muhammadu Buhari, that the present day political office holders and leaders have failed Nigeria in the execution of their various manifestos. The so-called representatives of the nation, who are supposed to be role models for anyone desiring to perpetrate evil to distort national development are more interested in themselves. The ‘elders’ in power have committed political atrocities to slow development.

These atrocities include the act of putting party before the welfare of the public. It is tagged party politics. This form of politics has paralysed development. The aura of ethnocentricity that has clouded the skies is another major atrocity. It is time institutions of change and anti corruption set out strategies to correct the selfish perceptions of public office holders.

An institution of change to be driven by the mass media. With its position as the fourth estate of the realm and its agenda-setting characteristics, the mass media can correct the situation by enlightening the populace on how to fight corruption.

Politicians need to realise that their political existence is solely for the betterment of the nation. They need to abide by the oath they took during their inaugural confessions and the conditions required of them for a free flow of true federalism.

To tackle the problem of corruption, we need to go beyond looking at in political levels. It should be understood that corruption is beyond politics. Corruption, can be perceived in every sector of the country and home. Examination malpractices committed by students, manipulation of PHCN bills, and coveting organisation’s funds are pointers that the virus of corruption exists in almost every Nigerian. These acts, that also mean the urge of attaining success and satisfying pleasure by any means regardless of who gets hurt, is being overlooked by the society.

• Odion Kadiri is a student of Mass Communication, UNIBEN.
• To be continued
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