Victim of change – Part 3

Rev Emmanuel O.S. Okereke

Having laid the biblical foundation of this message, let me now go down to the specifics. I had preached the message, 12 Reasons why Dreams are not Fulfilled, the previous Sunday and was preparing for the conclusion. But on Wednesday, June 15, 2016, I was sleeping, just like I was in the dream and heard a voice say to me ‘you and your people shall for two weeks, pray with mild fasting, and declaring that you and your people shall never be victims of change and victims of ‘political’ change.

I was still lying down, when the Lord said to me, ‘get up and write it down.’ I hesitated, telling the Lord that I shall memorise it. But the voice came stronger, and I got up, took my pen and paper, and the Lord started ministering to me.

The Lord said to me, let me tell you about the things that are to happen. Something evil was about to befall the nation, though the church is praying, but it will occur, except the Lord averts it. He opened my eyes and I began to see. He loves Nigeria and Nigerians, and in His prophetic agenda, after the Jews and the Jewish people, Nigeria and Nigerians were the next in line. Many things have happened in this country and we are still living in unity, but lesser things happened in other countries and they are still fighting wars till today.

The Lord declared that He is mindful of Nigeria and asked me to recall several instances, when He revealed many things to me concerning this nation, ahead of their time of manifestation, especially the ones with special instruction for the church to carry out, even when I do not understand the meaning of the instructions.

As the Lord was still speaking to me, my mind immediately went to a particular incident, which shook the whole of Lagos in 2002: The explosion that occurred at Ikeja Military Cantonment, Maryland in Lagos. A week before the incident, I was preaching, when the Lord opened my eyes to see millions of people running helter skelter in different directions, like ‘Fuji house of commotion.’ And the Lord said to me, danger, confusion, commotion is coming to the land, but tell the people to hold their peace. However, you and your people should bring white handkerchiefs and come to the altar, before me to cry and after, wipe our tears with the handkerchief and drop it at the altar.

I announced this to the church, telling them to reach out to all members who were not in service, and on that Sunday, the auditorium was filled to full capacity. The instructions were carried out the way the Lord said. But I also recalled that two months back, in a vigil I was preaching, when the Lord directed me to where one of my sons, Bro Otis Daniel, was siting. And as the Lord instructed, I asked him to get up and repeat thrice that he will not get drowned in water. This he did and I moved on with the message, without any insight, as regards the purpose of the instruction.

After service that faithful Sunday, I was in my house eating, when the explosions occurred. I quickly assembled my family and we ran out to take cover outside, just in case the building would collapse. When we opened the gate of our house at Ajao Estate, it was as if the whole population of Lagos was on mass ‘exodus’ from Oshodi, Isolo and Ajao Estate going toward Jakande Estate via the canal.

It was at the point I realised I was still carrying my soup bowl and a mould of wheat. I turned back unconsciously to look at my house, as if I had the intention of returning the soup bowl. Then I saw the sea of heads, shown to me the previous Sunday. I started persuading people not to run to the canal, that it was a death-trap; that I am a prophet and the Lord had revealed this to me. But it was as if the people did not see or hear me.

Rev. Emmanuel O. S. Okereke is the Founder/Presiding Bishop of Divine Power Pentecostal Chapel Inc. Mechanic Village, Off Osolo Way, Behind Aswani Market, Isolo, Lagos.,, 08033844117

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