The covenant – Part 1

Pastor Enoch Adejare Adeboye

Memory Verse: “… let everyone…love his wife… as himself; and the wife … reverence her husband.” – Ephesians 5:33
Scripture: Ephesians 5:22-23A

Family is everything: the crucible of character formation and development of the total man. The body of Christ is one big universal spiritual family. At the heart of the family is the mysterious union between man and wife and the resultant ageless institution of marriage, the foundation of the home. Every Christian is the bride of the Lord Jesus.

Arguably, this is one of the most contentious and divisive (often along gender lines) issues in pre-marital counselling and Christian marriages. The husband is, of course, the head of the family. The word of God cannot be clearer, 1Pet.3: 1; Col.3: 18; 1 Tim.2: 11-14. The wife’s submission is really unto the Word and Lord Jesus. The essence of submission include obedience, 1 Pet.3: 1, reverence, Eph.5: 33; 1 Pet.3: 5, humility, 1 Pet.3: 4; 1 Tim.2: 9. She should not be preoccupied with outward appearances, but adorn herself with meekness, a quiet and prayerful spirit, purity, compassion 1 Pet.3: 4; Tit.2: 5 and holiness, Titus 2:4-5; 1 Pet.3: 5, l, Tit.2: 4; Songs 1:6-7, Ps.128: 3; 1 Sam.2: 19; Pro.6: 20-25. She should be diligent and faithful, Ps.144: 11-12; Pro.12: 14; Pro.31: 30-31, hospitable, 2 Kgs.4: 8-10 and prayerful, Mt.15: 22-28; Acts 1:14.

What is a head without a living body? Eph.5: 23; 1 Cor.11: 3. The husband should love his wife, as Christ loved the Church, Rom.5: 6-10. He must not only act in her best interest, but also be willing to die for her, if need be. Then maybe there will no need to subdue her and constantly remind her of his headship. The ego of the alpha male is a huge obstacle to peace at home. His covenant is to love her under all circumstances, Eph.5: 25; Phil.2: 5-8. Love gives generously rather than demand. Separation of head from body leads to death of both, Eph.5: 28-29, 31. The head should be primary source of wisdom and all the material, emotional and spiritual needs of the family, Col.3: 21. Headship must be rooted in sacrificial love.

The Fruits
The union ought to bear fruits, Pro. 22:6. This is the only right way of bringing children into the world. They are God’s heritage, Ps.127: 3-5; Ps.128: 1-6. The glory of the family, Pro.17: 6, Mt.19: 14, Eph.6: 1, Col.3: 20.

Every family needs a family altar and the fire must be kept alive throughout the marriage. Satan will never stop trying to take over the institution or prevent its formation. He will fail in your case in the mighty name of Jesus.

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