Are you really kind to your spouse?

Charles Ighele

Some time ago, I heard the story of a man who would beat his wife blue black at home and thereafter dress up to go to church, leaving the crying woman at home to groan and moan in pains. In the church, this man would pray and speak in tongues. Yes, tongues! Would you say that man was kind to his wife? Apparently he wasn’t. Imagine a man who sees his wife’s soaked underwear, but leaves them for his wife, who has been busy all day, either preparing the meal after going to the market, washing the children’s clothes, cleaning the house, etc. Their argument is that they are not “woman wrapper” in local parlance. Well, I stand to correct that notion, which is erroneous. Washing your wife’s underwear does not in any way diminish your manliness or dignity.

There are times the man may need financial assistance from his wife, probably because he has lost his job or his business is not really booming, as it used to. At this period, some women would yell at their husbands, saying such mean things as: “are you not ashamed of yourself? Ehn? Your mates are buying cars for their wives and building houses for them, but you are here asking me for money. Was I the one who made your boss to sack you? Or did any prophet tell you I am the one behind your predicament?” This is not a kind way of dealing with your husband.

The kindness I am talking about is the KINDNESS OF GOD, as seen in 2 Samuel 9:3, “ and the king said, is not yet any of the house of Saul that I may show the kindness of God unto him?” The kindness of God I am talking about here is not the kindness you show to your husband or wife because you want to get something from him or her. No! It is the kindness you show to your spouse without expecting anything in return. It is the one you show from your heart. As a man, you are not showing the kindness of God to your wife by beating her, or by not assisting her in doing some house chores, including washing her soaked under wears. You show the kindness of God by being kind to your wife, even when she has offended you. As a woman, you don’t show the kindness of God to your husband by insulting him because he asked you for money as a result of his job loss or business down turn. You show the kindness of God to him by supporting him financially as the need arises and not hurl insults at him.

Couples should learn to be kind to each other.

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