Don Advises Parents To Check Status Of Foreign Universities With NUC

National Universities CommissionFOR many Nigerian parents, whose wards go to Benin Republic for further studies, the grass may not be green, after all. The Guardian Campusnews gathered that many parents, who send their children to that country, end up putting them in schools that are not approved by the National Universities Commission (NUC).

According sources from the Federal Ministry of Education, Benin Republic has many unaccredited private schools operating as full-fledged universities and deceiving Nigerian parents who would not properly investigate information on the schools before taking their children there.

“Nigerians should first find out if the schools they want to send their children to are approved and also if the courses their children are to offer are accredited by NUC, because approving a school to operate as a university does not mean all the courses have been accredited,” the sources said.

The Guardian Campusnews investigations, however discovered that a particular school at Pk in Cotonou only has a few of its courses accredited by NUC, yet it runs different courses in virtually all departments.

Speaking to The Guardian Campusnews on this development, Dr. Igbasan, the Dean of Nursing and Sciences at Espam Formation University, said, “education is not all that rosy in Benin Republic, especially as many schools unknown to parents are not yet accredited to run university programmes.”

Concealing the names of some of the school’s for security reasons, the Nigerian don advised that the best way to find out if any school is accredited by NUC is for parents to go to the Ministry of Education, Abuja, to find out things for themselves and not rely on the information the schools may give at the point a student is seeking for admission.

He warned Nigerian students to be wary of the attractions of these schools, because they are nothing, but glorified secondary schools, whose certificates are not recognised in Nigeria.

“Schools’ authorities would never disclose to students and parents if their schools are accredited or not; they are only interested in making money and not bothered what comes next. Parents should always find this out. Do not be deceived by the size or beauty of the school, as the future of the student is at stake. You should be concerned by whether the certificate they get at the end of their studies are recognised,”

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