Tenbre app allows Nigerians watch live football on phones

SmartphoneUsersManaging Director of StarTimes Research, Dr. Wen, has revealed that the firm’s Tenbre play app makes it possible for football fans to watch live matches on their phones with less data.
Speaking yesterday on the innovations his firm has introduced into the digital television network, Wen said the development means that StarTimes subscribers can now watch the German Bundesliga and Serie A live on their phones.

“Today we make it possible for you to watch soccer match on your phone without using a lot of data. This, along with our cloud based CDN technologies allow us to offer free streaming of Bundesliga and Serie A to the end user, free of charge. We want Nigerians, particularly the youth, to enjoy entertainment on television and also on mobile and tablet, thereby, getting the platform and the content on the phone,” stressed the StarTimes chief.

Wen said the subscriber could download the Tenbre app on Google play, adding “for now, we have it on just Android and the IOS is coming very soon. You can use half your data plan, as it is not data consuming. We do the calculation that one minute is equal to one megabyte data so your 90 minutes football match will cost N90 and so the cost is fair.”

He revealed that the new Tenbre play service platform in StarTimes is focused on new technology and the new platform, which targets mainly young people.

Wen insisted that StarTimes competitors were still using last generation technology that required many times the bandwidth with its attendant high cost, adding, “besides, one can hardly get that kind of sustained bandwidth in most areas.”

He said since StarTimes would not reinvent the wheel, “we are not going to work on every module in the system. We want to be the best in class from a system perspective; we work very hard to identify the key modules in the system that we can make a key difference, and focus our resources on those areas. 

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