Ngbako wins Beckham Academy Best Footballer award

The tour, which had about 20 schools in attendance, featured coaching drills, classroom activities, team building exercises and mini tournaments. After the five-day course, certificates and medals were awarded to each participant, while Ngbako received the Best Player trophy. David Beckham’s father, Ted, made the presentation of medals and trophy to participants.

Some of the top schools at the event included Lead British lnternational School, Premier Academy, Capital Science College, Abuja and Showers International School. Others were Trinitate International, Port Harcourt, Olashore International School, Adesoye College and Adewumi College, Kwara State.

According to Fane’s Chief Executive Officer, Olubiyi Fadeyi, the initiative was introduced to schools in Abuja with the aim of discovering talents in their early stages and teaching them modern football techniques. Fadeyi said: “At present, over 200 kids, both boys and girls from various schools in Abuja, have joined the David Beckham Academy Juinor Club, which was recently introduced.

“We do weekly football clinic with our professionally trained coaches from the academy. We hope to introduce these club programmes to international schools in Lagos by January.

“These kids who have registered with the club will have the opportunity to be at the David Beckham Academy both in the U.K. and United States next year July on a two-week football training and tournament.”

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