Bundesliga tops football money survey

bundesligaThe English Premier League has been ranked fourth for giving football fans value for money, while Germany’s Bundesliga offers the best quality game for the price, according to a new index.

Part of the reason for the Premier League’s ranking compared with the Bundesliga are their respective ticket prices, according to the GoEuro Football Price Index.

England took top spot for the most expensive country to go to a match, with Premier League tickets costing an average of £53.76 a ticket, closely followed by Spain where tickets cost an average of £50.83, and the second-highest average cost for a travelling fan.

Germany’s average ticket price is just £23.02, according to the index.

The index picked 25 top-tier leagues and took the average price of a match ticket, from all stadiums of all teams, excluding luxury or VIP packages.

The quality of the leagues were measured using several world football rankings such as UEFA, FIFA and third party databases.
It found the best value leagues for Britons to travel to based on the quality of the league and the cost of the ticket is Germany, followed by Spain, Portugal and then England.

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