Raising Confident Girls Movement Is One Year Old

Rita okoyeRaising Confident Girls (RCG) Facebook group is one year old this week. The founder and CEO of Majestically Rare, Mrs Rita (RiRi) Okoye decided to create this group to support the initiative that was already on the field. It was birthed last year on the 15 September 2014 with only 200 women and today it has over 7500 members. RCG has turned into an incredible movement as a means to share ideas on how to raise girls confidently and tackle the issues they face in the 21st century and my God have they tackled them. It’s a global movement with most members residing in Lagos, Nigeria.

RCG is administered by RiRi Okoye, Ladi Di, Damie Onasanya and Yinka Enahoro. The admin team are deeply committed to providing and sharing valuable information that will help aid girls. Members provide useful recommendations of books, videos and audios. They celebrate successes of girls no matter how big or small. There is also an opportunity for members to promote events for girls. On Sundays, a scripture from the Word is shared regularly to help build the confidence of girls. Sometimes, fun competitions take place, like Mother and daughter lookalikes.

The movement has had some delicate issues to tackle with, such as abortion, sex, teenage pregnancy, emotional and physical abuse, bullying just to mention a few but thanks to advice from members, lives have been impacted and changed. Members especially mothers have gained in wisdom on tackling girl issues. A member shared a heart breaking story of how she was molested at 8 years of age by an uncle but how the group has help her open up and share her story. She said, “I have been reading all the posts on Raising Confident Girls group page and it has really helped me deal with so many communication problems and it is helping to build up my confidence as a woman and also a precious being”.

The movement would not have grown and expanded without member’s posts, contributions and inviting their friends that share the same values. Members regularly give advice to anyone who has a question or concern about raising girls confidently. Members feel a real sense of belonging in RCG and feel part of a valuable movement. There were several outpourings of love on the anniversary day. One member said, “Great fraternising here, it has broadened my mind on what and how raising a girl child means but most especially that I share a lot in common with quite a number. Well done admin. To God be all the glory”. Another member said “Happy anniversary to us I am glad to be part of this group, I am not so good with the group thing because sometimes you will find out that some people are not on the same page with you, but this group these women awesome, we can really make our society and the world a better place if we keep doing this and practicing it as well, Kudos all”

Last year RCG organised a themed Christmas party for girls called ‘You are Valuable’ and guest speakers such as Chinyere Anokwuru author of ‘Who Says I can’t’ and Mrs Stephany Nwanmah, founder of Tehla Women Youth Empowerment Foundation, spoke into the lives of girls alongside Rita Okoye. This year, there are plans for a big summit in Lagos for members of the group and then more events in other countries where members are largely located. Mrs Okoye has a column for the Guardian Newspaper called Valuable YOU and a blog for girls called valuable.bloggerspot.com and says that a lot of her stories are inspired by RCG group discussions.

The movement’s vision is to be the Number 1 voice on FB for Raising Confident Girls across the globe. In addition, there are plans to do more work on the field and collaborate with NGO’s and government bodies.

Finally a note from RCG Admin Team – “Our wish for all girls, is that they will stand up, shine, maximise their potential, walk confidently knowing who they are and what they have to offer to the world because each and every one of our girls is a valuable treasure, knitted together ever so beautifully and fearfully and wonderfully made.”

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