‘Why We Want To Join The Police’

Inspector-General of Police, Solomon Arase

Inspector-General of Police, Solomon Arase

FOLLOWING information requesting those interested in joining the Nigeria Police Force (NPF) to register online, as the NPF was about to recruit an extra 10, 000 officers to boost security and help tackle youth unemployment, many Nigerian youths are now filling the form online.

One of them, Toyin Azeez (not real name), who holds a Masters in Social Works and certified management consultant, said she is interested in joining the Police to help crack crime, as a counsellor and professional social worker.

As for Afolabi Sule (not real name), he needs the job to contribute to the effective policing of the country.
“I want to leverage on my development experience to make a difference in the country.”
Solomon Lawal, a civil engineer, wants to join the Force to develop its engineering unit.
Dele Ogunmokun, a Business Administration graduate, said: “I want to join the Police to restore the g image of the Force and contribute my quota to nation building through the Police.”

Tunde Ekundayo said he wants to bring back the lost glory of the Police and make the public to know that they can trust and partner with the Police to make the country free of crime.

Tunji Shola is desperate for a job and it doesn’t matter whether it is the Police or not.
But he promised to make good use of any opportunity that comes his way, including joining the Police.
In his own case, Sanni Alade, another Business Administration graduate, wants to join the Police to enforce the law and reduce the menace of armed robbery in society.

Yemi Adewoye, a Higher National Diploma (HND) holder in Secretariat Administration, explained: “I have always nursed the desire to join any of the armed forces so as to make positive change in society.”
Bisi Adebanjo, a graduate of Mass Communication, is interested in the Police to make a positive change.
Obayemi Olumide, who became a photographer after completing his HND at Moshood Abiola Polytechnic, Abeokuta, disclosed why he is interested in joining the Police force. “Not that I am really interested in joining the Police, if I am to be honest, but actually for the fact that I don’t just want to sit back doing nothing. It became a choice since all else failed.”

He said that he hates the Police uniforms, but “it is about having a federal government appointment. Seeing a job that at least has some dignity is worth the while. It really doesn’t have to be about me liking the job.”

Blessing Udeh, a graduate of Public Administration from The Polytechnic, Ibadan noted: “When we look around us, we will see many things going wrong in our street corners and you can’t but be surprised at the alarming rate at which crimes are being committed.
“I’m interested in joining the Police because I love to bring a change into the system.”

She wants to be an officer with a difference. “I admit it is not going to be an easy task. It is like just being against the world, especially when you look at the various allegations levied against the Police, especially in the area of corruption.
“Bribery is what I won’t tolerate, because I believe change is possible. I consider joining the Police a good idea, because for me, it is an opportunity to protect lives and properties, a job that must not be taken with levity.
“Protecting people from criminals is what I love to do.”

Oyinlola Sunday appeared sincere about why she would like to join the Police. “I applied not because I’m actually so interested in the black uniforms, but because I’m tired of sitting at home with nothing to do.”
He said the government keeps clamouring for self-employment, even when there is no funds for people to actually become entrepreneurs.
“I know much about catering, but almost everyone on my street bakes,” she lamented.

Jerry Segun, a graduate, is not interested in joining the Police again due to his past experience.
“I applied to join the Police some years back, because I was actually so keen in combating crime, but was shown the way out after I had completed my training exercise and was to receive my appointment letter, because of my teeth.
“I was told my teeth was a bad set and that as an officer, I’m expected to be complete. That one of my front tooth is actually missing, as if it is by my own making.

I remember that faithful afternoon when a Police officer called me in and congratulated me on my successful completion of the training exercise.
“I thought he was going to give me my appointment letter, then I beamed a smile from my heart, a smile of relief and fulfillment, before his countenance changed and he said I was not fit to be an officer, because of my bad teeth.”

To Hilary Ikechukwu, no profession is more enterprising than the Police.
He is actually interested in joining the Police because of the power and prestige putting on the uniforms would confer on him.
“In Lagos, the boys bow to adore the gun, rod and uniforms of a officer because it is the perfect combination you need to earn money and respect from people.
“As a commercial bus (Danfo) driver, no less than 40 per cent of my daily earning goes to the Agberos (touts) and Police officers on our street corners. They always have a name for every movement you make, making you drop some change.
“If you are lucky enough, you earn a broken mirror for refusing to drop some change or a worst damage to your vehicle,” he narrated.

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