Why The Hell Would Anyone Want To Be An Event Planner

EVENTALTHOUGH being an event planner is truly glamorous, you have to be a risk taker to be one.

Pursuing a career in event planning can be hard and stressful. In most cases, you work long hours than anyone around you. You work for free trying to make people believe in you. You even get let down numerous times.

You expend a lot of energy trying to convince people over and over, succeeding only a few times, failing most of the time, especially at start up.

So, with all that said, why the hell would anyone still choose to be an event planner?

The answer to this question I have found very subjective. However, being an event planner myself, I have the following to share.

The most common trait in any event planner, in my opinion, is passion. Passion is that which keeps you on a task that will not earn you money, yet you are happy doing it, keeping at it still.

Passion keeps you up through the sleepless nights, trying to pursue a course you believe strongly in.

Passion is the only thing that turns an idea into a business.

Please note that if you turned to event planning to make quick money, you are in the wrong business, because you will not go far without a genuine passion for the career.

Sense Of Responsibility

Most event planners that I know always have this uncommon sense of responsibility towards any event. You are present at a function and you unconsciously start seeing what is not done well and how you could have done it better or you use a service and you immediately start thinking the attendant should have rendered the service in a more presentable manner.

Simply put, event planners are change agents, always looking for the most productive way to do a thing.


Life is about making good, meaningful relationships. The work of an event planner gives unlimited opportunities for making such relationships that push us forward in life and in the positive direction.

I have discovered in life that creating value for people gives great joy and happiness, and there is no better career that gives such profound opportunity and the fulfillment of creating values like the job of an event planner.

Pleasurable Lifestyle

For me, being an event planner defines me. It is not only my passion, it is also my life, and I love it.

Since organising has always been a hobby, doing it to make money gives even much greater fun and joy.


If you like safety, always content with daily routines, please do not pursue this career.

But if you are the type that loves undertaking new and challenging tasks, this is sure a good fit for you.

The most successful event planners, in my opinion, are the most daunting adventurers. If taking up challenges gets your blood pumping, you may be an event planner.

Being an event planner is truly rewarding, that is for those who are into the career for the genuine reasons. If you have been doing it for the wrong reasons, I advise you find your true passion to pursue, and if you are sure you should take up event planning as a career, but do not know how, please feel free to contact us we’ll be very glad to offer a hand.

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