How To Reduce Employee Turnover In Hospitality Sector, By Mekwuye



ALTHOUGH voluntary employee high turnover ratio is one of the major challenges facing hospitality industry globally, the Chief Operating Officer (COO) of HoReCaBB Mentors, Mr Eric Mekwuye, has said it was possible to reduce the ratio.

According to “The Effect of Labour Turnover in 2012, “the leisure and hospitality sector experienced an average annual rate of 74.6 per cent.”

Mekwuye, who is a hospitality expert, stated that high turnover ratio could be reduced through improved work conditions. “ Effective leaders are constantly seeking improved work environment where quality employee turnover becomes low with better return on invested capital (ROIC). You need to enter the head of a fly in order to catch the fly. Hence, you start by placing yourself in the positions of your best and brightest employees to learn what really works”, Mekwuye said.

The hospitality expert who currently trains workers for hospitality industry added “It all begins with the hiring process. Do not recruit simply because people need jobs, or you just need to fill positions.

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