The Woman And Her Man 2

image source mendourmarriage

image source mendourmarriage

WHEN was the last time you appreciated her cooking? My people say etoo dike na nke omere, omee ozo (when you praise a strong man for what he has done, he does more).

When was the last time you praised her for keeping the home in order?

The Proverbs 31 woman was constantly praised by her husband. Stop reminding her of the attributes of the Proverbs 31 woman, look and see that her husband is in the habit of praising her.

Your woman needs that oil of praise to keep running effectively. She doesn’t have a child yet and so you go around misbehaving with your fellow “foolish boys.”

Sometimes, when she wants some cuddling from you, you see it as a waste of your precious time and semen. May God have mercy on you.

Do you know how helpless she feels? Don’t you know that she depends so much on your encouragement and love to carry on? Are you aware that it will be tough getting pregnant and keeping it when she is under stress?

Everybody is on her for a child and you who should be standing by her is now standing against her. Don’t you know that her ability to have a male child depends on the chromosome you release to her during intercourse? Think again!

Today you are beating and battering her. She is taking it because she is hopeful that a day of reckoning is coming. Even if she doesn’t retaliate, her children are watching and they will fight for their mother someday when your strength is no more.

Wondering why some children ignore their father at old age? Sir, look for the black goat now that it is still day.

My brothers abroad, I know so many of our women are nasty. I know so many get influenced by a foreign culture that they don’t even understand. But I also know that a good number of good women were pushed into it by your own attitude.

How do you expect a woman to respect you when you contribute nothing to her life? Sure, she can get a bedmate who warms her bed if that is all she needs. Sure, she can have a man to make babies with if that is all she wants.

Even when she never wanted to become a nurse, you forced her into it simply because you want a machine to be vomiting money for the lazy you.

When you took her to your foreign land, you were in the habit of constantly harassing her with your paper. You always threatened to divorce her and stop her from getting her own papers.

You brought girls into the home and ordered her to keep quiet. She was working illegally and you were busy collecting it from your slave, because the few times she tried to complain, you reminded her that she would be jailed.

She was swallowing all your bitter pills just for things to work out. Now she has her papers, what do you think will happen?

You are no longer an African man, simply because you are over there and you still expect her to be that cultured African woman?

It takes two to tango, bro. If you like that foreign culture, accept it in totality and go learn how to cook, serve dinner and change diaper.

If you fail in your responsibility as a man, please don’t blame the woman. To be a real man, you must love, provide and protect.

If you cannot do any of these and you desire to do it, God sees your heart and your wife knows how much you love her. I know she prays for you to be blessed. I pray that God who sees your heart and makes a way for you to become all what you desire to become for your wife.

But when you cannot do these things and you are there, even on social media, defending your inadequacy, my brother, some psychological help is necessary.

It is obvious we are getting closer to that time when women begin to see no reason to be married. The family unit is in trouble.

The most annoying part is when a woman works tirelessly to make up for the man’s inadequacy and at the same time, the man makes life difficult for her.

Her role is to run the home with the money you provide. But because you have failed in your own role, she has stepped out of hers into yours.

The best you can do is to encourage her by your actions and words.

You also shouldn’t expect her to be normal at all times, because you have given her something bigger than her to carry. Men are known to carry financial stress, but when a woman begins to carry that stress for you, you shouldn’t expect her to be a normal woman at all times.

Do you know what it means to shout at and talk down on her all through the day, only to desire her body at night?

She works her life out taking care of the children, the home and her small business. She closes from work and rushes home to cook, only for you to come home and refuse to eat the food, and even when you eat it, no appreciation. This can kill a woman.

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