Structural Balance

BODIWORK-1-CopyAS we continue with improving our structural balance, so that our posture will improve and our body comes back to balance, the below exercise will further challenge our balance.

You might need to be close to the wall or have a high backed chair, like a dining table chair close to you for support.
Stand with your feet under your hips, so not too wide apart. Keep your weight spread evenly on your feet.

Engage your core muscles by holding your stomach in and your pelvic floor muscles tight. Don’t forget to keep your chest and shoulders relaxed.
Bring your hands to your hips and imagine you have a bowel of water on your head. Your chin must be tucked in and relaxed.
Very slowly, start to reach your right back leg backwards as you squeeze your right bum.

Imagine you are trying to touch the wall behind you.
Hold the position for a count of five and bring the leg back to the floor and repeat 10 times on the same leg.
Repeat on the left leg.

If your balance seems shaky, hold on to the chair or wall for support as you lift and then take your hands off it, increasing the difficulty.

Once you are sure of your balance, you can increase the challenge of this exercise by closing your eyes and also by lifting both hands up over your head.
Once you have mastered these increases in difficulty, you can step things up by, bringing your body parallel to the floor and reach your hands out in from of you or keep them on your hips. Hold for 10 counts on both sides and repeat three times.

You can also keep the chair in front of you to help your balance until you can hold the position for five counts without the support.

Till next time, love your body (

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