Simple Ways of Avoiding Work-Related Stress

Post-traumatic-stress-disorderSTRESS is defined as the physical body’s non-specific reaction or response to any demand made upon it.

The demand could be of physiological, psychological or spiritual in nature.

The human physical body is a sacred instrument magnificently designed to cope with the most natural difficulty without any efficiency loss.

To enable the spirit, which uses the physical body as its tool, achieve its main purposes here on earth, the body must as of necessity be kept in constant motion that comes through activity or exertion.

There can be no life without activity or inner movement, for motion denotes life and health.

In normal circumstances, stress is the natural product of activity; it is a part of life that helps to keep the body, soul and spirit in harmony and also in constant state of alertness.

It serves as a positive stimulus that enables us achieve our set goals and for survive here on earth.

Unfortunately, in our present-day “civilised society,” everything has been turned upside down. All mundane activities have been one-sidedly over-exaggerated.

Today, therefore, we only emphasise the negative side of stress or what is called excessive or chronic stress, which results in negative biochemical changes in the blood that are known to destroy inner harmony, consume vital or biophysical energy and wear the body out prematurely.

In our modern-day world, chronic stress is probably the primary cause of degenerative diseases, ranging from physical and psychic immune deficiency to nervous disorders, diabetes and cancer.

Anybody can experience chronic stress, though in varying degrees, however, it has been observed and proven through studies that chronic stress is today’s number one killer of those at the top of management level, company directors and executives- those who are entrusted with managing human and material resources.

In today’s society, many people would want to get away from chronic stress by seeking comfort in watching all kinds of movies, reading books, indulging in different types of sporting activities or in various religious activities, while others would rather prefer to dull their brain with alcohols, liquors or tobacco.

Yet, many others get hooked on chemical drugs, such as tranquilisers, sleeping tablets or even injections, which are known to give severe undesirable side-effects in majority of cases.

Smoking cigarettes or indulging in any other type of “social drugs” can seriously weaken the psychic immunity of an individual, creating holes in the aura, as well as making the person become vulnerable to negative and dark energies or geopathic stress.

In holistic system of health care delivery, total health implies the absence of disease or disharmony in soul and body.

Counseling (psychotherapy), which is an important aspect of stress treatment and management in complementary medicine, is a therapeutic method that ministers to the physical body, as well as the soul.

Those who want to avoid work-related stress are advised to strive and understand the following facts:

* Any job or position we are permitted to occupy at any given time is mercifully brought our way in love and should be seen as a great opportunity for service and to contribute our own quota to the progress and upliftment of God’s Creation.

* To be sound in body and soul and to avoid work-related stress, our routine daily work should become a hobby, carried out with the firm volition for that which is good, which bring joy, smiles and happiness to the faces of our fellow human beings.

* Those who are entrusted with human and managerial positions and responsibilities should let their subordinates know what they stand for and they should not sit on anybody’s progress, welfare or promotion to avoid the influence of geopathic stress resulting from the influence of floating negative and dark thought forms.

* Resorting to cigarette smoking or any other type of drug as a means of coping with job-related stress or throwing negative energy in form of anger, fear, jealousy, hatred, resentment and lust to others leaves us open, weak and vulnerable to the influence dark thought forms, which create confusion, disharmony and stress at work.

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