RE-‘How Do I Handle This Situation?’

troubled-couple-1IT’S normal for you to have such feelings towards your friend, especially one of the opposite sexes. Most relationships/marriages have their foundations in friendship. Most times, friendship develops gradually into relationship, courtship and sometimes marriage; but I must add here that not all friendships move into relationships or end in marriage.

Some people are meant to come into our lives as friends, to bring out the best in us or just be there for us as our confidants. Now, in your case, I think it’s right for you to discuss your feelings with your friend. Yes, find a way to do so without giving yourself away. This is because he may be strictly on friendship level with you and would go ahead and date another girl without knowing he is hurting you.

You may even show him signs that you want more than friendship and he won’t understand or “read between the lines”.
If your guy on the other hand isn’t getting as much attention from you as he wants, he may lose interest in relationship and may find someone else. In the end you would lose both guys and this hurts a lot.

So, it’s best you discuss with that friend of yours, both of you should define your friendship clearly so that no one gets hurt and the friendship gets the chance to grow stronger through understanding of each other.

Lastly, whatever decision or conclusion you arrive at with your friend, ensure you let your guy know what’s up in order for him not to continue loving you in vain while your heart loves someone else.
Obayemi Emiloju Kofoworola

You should really follow your mind, but make sure that your best friend also feels the same way you feel. Don’t treat your boy friend like trash because of him.

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