Michael Eruotor: A Beacon Of Light Passes On

Eruotor-CopyCHIEF Sir Michael Omonidono Eruotor, aka Obodiovwe, the Urukpe of Agbon Kingdom, a Knight of Saint John, an amiable and outstanding son of Agbon Kingdom of Delta State, was born on July 15, 1925 to Eruotor and Imene. The young Eruotor was brought up by his father after his mother, Imene, died, leaving him with his father in Okurekpo, where he started his education at Catholic Primary School, and later completed his primary education in Catholic Primary School, Okpara Inland.

The late Eruotor was admitted into Urhobo College, Warri, in 1949, where he finished his secondary school education in 1954 with Distinction. He studied at the Federal School of Survey and Valuation, Oyo, between 1955 and 1956. At the completion of the course, he practiced the profession with remarkable integrity and transparent honesty in various places before he went to the United Kingdom in 1962 to study Mechanical Engineering after which he worked briefly before returning to Nigeria in 1970.

Eruotor, whose life is worthy of emulation and celebration, began his working career as a government surveyor with the Ministry of Lands and Housing, Warri, working with the renowned Surveyor Arubaye as his boss. He later got a placement in the Ministry of Works and Transport, where he retired meritoriously as a Chief Technical Officer and Vehicle Inspection Officer (Recovery) Warri. He served along with Pa John Oroguncha and Engr. Okpako, among others.

Eruotor was a passionate, honest, humble and completely responsible gentleman. Thus, he sought for a wife and got married to former Miss Agnes Erusiafe from Eku, with whom he celebrated a well attended 60 years of marriage in 2013 with pomp and pageantry. This union gave birth to six well brought up, industrious and fruitful children. As a father, he was an irreplaceable friend and a confidant not only to his children but also to others.

Eruotor was an enviable gentleman who detested courting trouble of any kind. He was liberal and had a high degree of integrity, honesty and strong faith in God. The engine room of his life was God in all areas. He was not only religious; he was Godly. He hinged his life on love, truth and justice, holding strongly to the Roman Catholic faith and spirituality. He ensured that his children and all around him accepted God fully. I believe God kept him to the ripe age of 90 years because he was a devoted father, a man of great and significant achievements and a truly loving heart.

He was a strict disciplinarian, a stickler for excellence, a good teacher, an incomparable brilliant people-manager and a leader, who was always willing to listen and even learn from others no matter their social or academic status.

Eruotor, an icon in his own way, was committed to helping and growing people around him to evolve into the true ones God created. He was an encourager, a motivator and a tireless role model who always wanted people to follow universally acceptable norms, paths and values. His quest to bring-up his children to be the best and of value to themselves, their immediate society and the world at large was remarkable.

Eruotor, aside his caring nature, was attracted to people by his elegant looks, eloquent oratory speeches, boldness, graceful movement and gentleness. He was highly respected among his peers and beyond. His life epitomised the fulfilling reward of true commitment to the highest ideals of diligence and personal integrity, even in the face of daunting realities. He was a man who believed that prayer, hard work and self discipline has reward that endures even after the individual involved must have been called home.

Today, I am bold and proud to call Sir Michael Eruotor, ‘My Father’; for he was a remarkable gentleman, a caring and loving father any good child would desire to have.

Papa! You lived well! Sleep well peacefully in the Lord in whom you trusted

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