‘Inadequate Bed Space, Bane Of Medical Care At Yaba Tech’

Cover-Hospital-wardAT Yaba College Of Technology (Yabatech), it is clear that more needed to be done by the appropriate authorities to improve on the medical care at the school’s clinic.

One of the students, Olajide Samson a Science Laboratory Tech (SLT) ND1 student, said that the school clinic is trying its best, but in most cases when the doctors cannot continue with the treatment due to lack of inadequate medical facilities, they will call on the ambulance to take the patient out for better treatment.

“And I think the student union government in our polytechnics will ensure that we have a good clinic.

Also another student of the school added that: “Though the doctors and nurses are experts, they are no laboratory technicians. But in most cases if there is an epidemic, there are always not enough bed for the patients, some of them have to wait for empty bed spaces to be available and in the cause of waiting a student can even faint.”

Derrick, an ND 1 student said: Most of the students don’t make use of the school clinic, and even when they do, it is not really that intensive. Before you could make use of the clinic you have to be a student of the school and have the I.D card of the school.”

Another student of the school (name withheld) said: “We paid for the medical fees so we are actually expecting everything to be up to the standard in the school clinic. The government should be able to provide enough drugs to the school clinic for adequate treatment of the student.”

The day I needed drug and visited the clinic, the nurses couldn’t get a drug for me. I was told to get it in at the pharmacy outside the school. If I didn’t have the money to buy it what will happen next? But they started changing few weeks ago. My friend who was seriously sick went there for treatment. They treated him well.”

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