How Did You Treat Your Pet In 2009?

The manner we discharge these responsibilities separates us from the casual pet owner, who sees pet ownership as a mere fancy. It is indeed a serious business.


So, let’s take the stock of your activities during the receding year.

Did you provide decent housing? Was your pet protected from the vagaries of weather? Was he sleeping on comfortable platforms or bare floors? Was he held up in a kennel all the year round only with occasional freedom? Were you regularly cleaning that house? Riding it of feaces and urine? Was he able to stretch and run around in that house?

How well did you feed him? Were you feeding things you could never eat yourself? Unsorted restaurants waste? Or the new fad in town- noodle wastes? Just rice? Just maize? Just soya? Did you include enough protein sources? Was the food generally wholesome? Was it served in a dignified manner and timely? Did you provide all round water? Did you take care of the serving troughs? Above all, was the food always balanced?

What about exercise? Was your pet ever stimulated? Did you consider walking with your pet an abomination? I know we don’t have parks here, but did you ever play and jump with him in your garden? You know those plays? Throw and fetch? Have you ever bought him the cheapest of toys? Don’t let me ask you whether you have ever rolled with him on the floor. Is he my child? – But never mind, I am only concerned whether you’ve ever thought of that.

Now, the big issue, medical care; did you ever in the receding year visit the vet to check on the health of your pet and to do all the routine programme like, deworming, immunizations, ectoparasite check, dental appointments, laboratory assays? Did you?

Beyond this, even if you did- how well did you carry out your vet’s instructions? Were you playing truant with those valuable instructions? Or was it a case of don’t mind that vet, all he knows is money ? Was that the kind of relationship you had with your vet?

What about timely response to your pet’s signs of ill health? Did you consider your pet a super creature that will usually resolve his illnesses without medical intervention? Had you always left things for chance?

Whatever has been your overall attitude to the whole concept of pet keeping? Just ask yourself-Have I been a responsible owner? Have I satisfied my conscience keeping nature and taking care of it?

I know there are varied reasons why we keep pets, but, isn’t time that we start considering welfare issues before taking major decisions like keeping pets?

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