A New Order?

couple- image source peaktravelgroup

couple- image source peaktravelgroup

AT Victoria Island recently, I watched with amazement as a number of people walked along a street-nothing strange about that, I am aware. But my interest peaked because they were clearly headed in the same direction; they were in the same age bracket, I saw immediately.

As they walked in groups also, I saw that they knew each other. And as more of them hurried passed the traffic I noticed that they chatted to each other with the ones at the back straining to hear what was being said at the front . Each group showed companionship and it was certain that they were all going to the bus stop; it was after Five O’clock in the evening.

Where are they coming from? I asked myself very interested as I took note of their dressing which was casual. They were disciplined too, I judged from the subdued manner they behaved. But a work troop of that nature? That is not common in Victoria Island where stuffiness and corporate office culture is to be observed in the streets.

Workers of that type are to be found in industrial areas like Town Planning Way, Oshodi and Agege. I was still wondering which of the wonder buildings in Victoria Island has been turned into a factory when a grudge laden voice cut into my thoughts; “Wet in dem do to get the job now? So I was the only one who has noticed. And I was right that they were new on the job too.

However I looked at the complaining young man who was in their age margin-early twenties. My first impression however was of a youth whose work experience might have been that of highway trader. It should not matter that an unemployed youth makes a living by selling until that white collar job turns up. It would be a credit to him that he earns money instead of sitting idle. I know that some university undergraduates work with some LAWMA collectors; young men who work as refuse collectors to earn money to help them through school while they look confidently to a brighter future.

But how prepared was this particular one for the future? I thought trying to fix him into a civilized workforce because if anything would be said of the person before me, it would be that any schooling if he had any at all, any civilized behavior has been obliterated by negative influences he has picked up in the street.
I was still wondering about him when I noticed two men-the type of workers we associate to in Victoria Island-thank God. Both wore navy blue trousers and blue shirts to match; company code, I guessed, they must be bank workers, I thought. Both walked confidently chest out, shoulders high, so much swagger-so Victoria Island-they carried their jackets stylishly at the tip of their fingers.

But from the opposite direction came a rough looking man who with that menacing tone that ‘area boys’ use when they want people to scamper at the mere sound of them demanded; “Abi una no go pay me my money” He grabbed one of the men by the hand and twisted it and slapped him.
However, I do not believe that there is a debt owed him; by his victim or his organization. Assuming that he is owed money; did he expect to get paid at the traffic? Area boy it has now dawned on me wants a job in the office. Oh Ko

His attitude who demands to know why others should have a job while he has not makes me to think that perhaps hooliganism is on the way out of this society.
But what mannerism would an area boy take to a civilized workforce? Break bottle over Supervisor’s head, knock a tooth out of Manager! What assets has he got to benefit humanity? Is he bringing a culture of violence?

However, I think that this cry of an empty treasury is hitting hard on everybody and that the demand for order and discipline makes everyone want to honest and decent job.

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