We are facing realities of our time, says Adighije 

President Muhammadu Buhari

President Muhammadu Buhari

Some Nigerians do not appreciate that we are now faced with the stark realities of our time, which can be attributed to 16 years of misrule and covering up when those in office denied that Nigeria was not broke.

There is no doubt that Nigerians have gone through difficult times in terms of availability of funds. Many people now have drier pockets now than before, foreign exchange gone beyond control, long queues in petrol stations, etc.

How would we have known the amount of money that was spent on frivolities and not to arm the armed forces and beef up security to fight insurgency? How would we have known that these monies ended up in private pockets? What happened to the money that the National Security Adviser would have used to fight insurgency? This seems just a tip of the iceberg.

There was a lot of decay that we are now grappling with which President Buhari in his first year in office tried to uncover because when you want to build, you have to first of all, dig deep to ensure that the foundation is strong. I think that within this first year, the president is grappling to get to know as it is, not as it is supposed to be, what the situation is in the country.

So he began with the budget and we saw the pains it took to prepare it, even when it was sent to the National Assembly, we saw the padding that took place. Mr. president is very thorough and gradually Nigerians will realize we have a president that is committed to not only fighting corruption but also ensuring adequate and progressive development.

On the international scene, the image of Nigeria is beginning to get better and I believe that if we give President Buhari a chance, by his second anniversary, everybody would want him to stay in office.

The truth is that this government has begun to instill discipline in our people and polity. The way we spend money has changed. People who send their children abroad are now worrying how to cope. People are now careful about what and how they do things and this is positive sign that this country has a great future all in less than a year.

Even the fuel subsidy removal or new pump price is a bold step. The resulting protest is the first that not all organized labour unions are participating in.

True federalism is visible under this regime. The component units are to develop at their pace and the Federal Government has not interfered in this or dictated to them. But I think what the Federal Government should do is to create the proper infrastructure to ensure even development across the nation.

I have not seen disunity of the states and components of the nation. Appointments are being spread and will soon be felt more. The president had to first appoint those he knew very well over the years to work with him closely from the beginning and will spread same, with time. APC was not very on ground and felt in the South East because of the attitude to it in the zone. The scenario has changed now. APC is growing in membership and South East has started to play a proper role in the APC-led government.
• Dr. Chris Adighije, top member of the APC in Abia State and former senator for Abia Central, is Commissioner representing Abia in the Revenue Mobilization, Fiscal and Allocation Commission.

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