SSANU tasks Buhari on graft



THE Senior Staff Association of Nigerian Universities (SSANU) has called on President Muhammadu Buhari to execute an all-inclusive war against corruption.

The National President of the association, Samson Ugwoke, who stated this in an address at the National Executive Council (NEC)/Pre-delegates conference in Jos, urged President Buhari to extend his probe to cover all the governments that have been in office since 1999.

Ugwoke said: “The present administration seems to be pursuing anti-corruption war. Corruption has killed this country. We have heard of billions and trillions of Naira being looted by officers of government and all of them starched abroad, not even in our country not even in our own banks. They use Nigerian money to grow and improve the economy of other countries, leaving us in poverty. SSANU supports the fight against corruption but with a caveat, Mr. President should pursue whoever has stolen our money to return it to our coffers. The probe of the looters should not be selective, it should be total, and that is the stand of SSANU. It should be total and be extended to 1999, so that those who have killed this country since 1999 should be brought to book.”

The SSANU national president regretted that some individuals in the country have become richer than the country itself, stressing that it was only in Nigeria that such an abnormally had been allowed to persist for a long time, which deprives Nigerians of reaping the full economical benefits of being an oil producing country.

He added: “This is a country where an individual is richer than a country and he made his money from the country. We are endowed with oil wells and these oil wells were given to individuals who do not have the capacity, even in oil technology or in the business or economics, but they were given to them because of their positions in federal government, because of their positions in the society. They have made trillions of dollars into their own pockets, giving the country nothing. The stand of SSANU is that government should revoke all oil well licenses and set up a committee to recover the oil wells.”

The SSANU boss called for the establishment of a commission that will be in charge of all proceeds from oil exploration in the country with a mandate of ensuring that all such money is channeled into development of the country.

He explained: “The Constitution states that the minerals of the country belong to the state, it does not belong to an individual. It is only in this country that individuals own the resources of a country. So the position of SSANU is that, a commission should be established for the oil well of this country so that the revenue from the oil from A to Z should accrue to the Federal Government into the Central Bank Single Account.”

While commending the Vice Chancellor of University of Jos, Prof. Hayward Mafuyai for creating the enabling environment between the management and staff as well as the massive infrastructure development going on in the university noting that there cannot be good development in the university without commensurate staff welfare.

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