SOUTH-WEST: Going To The Centre Without Gravitas

BuhariTHE success story represented by the dethroning of an incumbent federal government by an opposition platform has been, to a large extent, attributed the vociferous and strategic footwork of the Southwest geopolitical zone.

On the flip side, the journey of the Southwest to the mainstream could be attributed to the political whim of one man and his colony of loyalist in the erstwhile Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN). Then, on the wings of history, it could be said that South West’s (read ACN) movement to the centre simulates former Governor Ahmed Bola Tinubu’s first entry into power.

In 1999, Tinubu was close to losing the Alliance for Democracy (AD’s) governorship primary election for Lagos State. But Yoruba elders, it was said, favoured his candidacy over that of late Funso Williams, As it was, Tinubu was being rewarded for his exploits and contributions to the fight against military excesses, especially the annulment of the June 12 presidential election, believed to have been won by Chief Moshood Abiola.

At the build up to the 2003 general election, the leaders of Afenifere were said to have held a meeting with then President Olusegun Obasanjo, whose second term was facing some hiccups; for a possible collaboration. The arrangement was for the AD governors to support Obasanjo in the presidential election, while the governors would do “their thing their own way” in the governorship. But despite the warning by some influential Yoruba elders that some past military officers from the South West should accompany Afenifere delegation to the meeting with Obasanjo, Afenifere went with the governors to Aso Rock alone. As it happened, the deception inherent in military officers was brought to bear by President Obasanjo. That year, AD got a bruised nose, such that it could not be the same again.

But as tactical player, Tinubu survived the garrison attack. Perhaps, his survival was a purpose. That auspicious purpose came four years later as the Tinubu followership succeeded in repackaging AD as Action Congress, but giving it back to Obasanjo’s Peoples Democratic Party (PDP). It all started with a string of election reversals at the various tribunals where the garrison victories were perforated and real winners restored. What followed was that with the help of these new breed governors in Ekiti, Osun and Oyo, Asiwaju started dreaming of new lands to conquer.

Given the unfolding events in the APC Federal Government, is it possible that Southwest would not play with the full complement of its first eleven in politics?  The tally of votes from the six Southwest states of Ekiti, Lagos, Ogun, Ondo, Osun and Oyo; shows that the zone was not united in its support for the APC presidential candidate.  While it may be said that part of the reason that informed the choice of APC in preference to PDP was the presence of Prof. Yemi Osinbajo on the ballot and ACN support, there is nothing to suggest that the zone totally approved of the APC presidential candidate or even the party’s template in response to the core issues that drive Southwest politics

Having served as Senator and Governor, what remained for the former Lagos Governor, therefore, was either to ascend the political ladder or go into premature retirement. 2015 would have been an excellent opportunity to move higher as Vice President, but the outcry against a Muslim-Muslim ticket stopped the games master on his tracks. Based on this reality of a redundant Asiwaju, it became timely to examine whether on account of his playing from the sidelines, the movement to the centre would amount to false calculation for the zone.

Tinubu-&-buhariHow South West Voted:
IN 2011, when it was apparent that Tinubu did not see a clear vision for progression into the mainstream, he used the ACN structure as a bargaining chip with President Goodluck Jonathan, even while former chairman of Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), Nuhu Ribadu, was presented as a nominal presidential candidate. Forget the exaggerated perceived failings of President Jonathan, Tinubu saw 2015 as a ripe opportunity to consummate the political alliance with General Muhammadu Buhari and go for the ultimate prize.

Recall that prior to the 2011 election, before Buhari settled for the founder of Latter Rain Assembly, Pastor Tunde Bakare, as his running mate, serious attempts were made to broker a political understanding between ACN and Buhari’s Congress for Progressive Change (CPC).

Buhari’s observation that the prevailing sensibilities in the country defeated any talk of Muslim-Muslim ticket explained Tinubu’s reluctance to give the retired general a running as requested. Even Bakare in interviews with journalists explained that he was picked by Buhari when Tinubu’s ACN could not provide a running mate for the CPC candidate. It could therefore be deduced that the decision to back Buhari in 2015 was not the unanimous decision of South West.

In a way, it could be seen from the voting tally from the zone that real Awoists were not in a hurry to join in the frenzy of hate induced campaign against candidate Jonathan and PDP. Again, it was obvious that the Tinubu’s ACN seemed to be making the same mistakes AD governors made while collaborating with Obasanjo. A Yoruba politician had remarked, “you cannot take away deception, decoy from a soldier; it is so central to their training that they have camouflage as uniform.”

Political history records it was that kind of haste to join the mainstream that led to the misunderstanding between Papa Awolowo and Chief S.L Akintola. The basic ingredient of that misunderstanding was that while Awo seemed to sue for caution, Akintola was motivated by the need to collaborate with NPC and reap similar benefits being enjoyed by the Easterners in their constant alliance with the North.

That strategy could be faulted when the mileage covered by Western Nigeria in education, statecraft, infrastructure and economic development is considered. Consequently, it seemed Awo wanted any collaboration between North and West to be predicated on common agreements so that one does not become a limitation to the other. As an expert in geopolitics, Awo knew that it takes mutual understanding for progressive socialists to blend with arch conservatists.

Given the unfolding events in the APC Federal Government, is it possible that Southwest would not play with the full complement of its first eleven in politics?  The tally of votes from the six Southwest states of Ekiti, Lagos, Ogun, Ondo, Osun and Oyo; shows that the zone was not united in its support for the APC presidential candidate.  While it may be said that part of the reason that informed the choice of APC in preference to PDP was the presence of Prof. Yemi Osinbajo on the ballot and ACN support, there is nothing to suggest that the zone totally approved of the APC presidential candidate or even the party’s template in response to the core issues that drive Southwest politics.

In Ekiti, where Ayo Fayose defeated the ACN nay, APC candidate in the governorship election, Buhari secured 120, 331 votes out of the 323,739 accredited voters and PDP, 176, 754. For Lagos, APC had 792, 460 to PDP’s 632, 327 out of 1, 678, 754 accredited. The disparity of total votes scored by APC, (2, 433, 193) and those of PDP, (1, 821, 416) gives a picture of how divided the Southwest was in both the issues that dominated the presidential elections and the candidates, both whom were not from the zone.

However, given the fact of Southwest’s preeminent position in defining Nigeria’s democracy, how far would its marriage with a section of the North fetch it further socio-political gains? Political gains are not just defined by appointments. What should ordinarily matter to the Southwest, from the background of its position in Nigeria politics, should be the implementation of those cardinal policies the zone had always canvassed, including fiscal federalism, state police, restructuring of the federation, which is a return to true federalism. The question then is, who are the major players that Southwest would be playing in the Central government to score those vital goals? Again, could it be said that the decision to back Buhari, being the brainchild of one man, would ultimately turn out as a faux pas as happened with Obasanjo?

Without doubt, President Muhammadu Buhari has demonstrated that the federal government he is set to form is to be rested on the structure of the merger that produced the APC – Southwest and North! This he amply demonstrated by the appointment of his two spokespersons. But was that a mere token? Prevailing circumstances point to such a possibility. The election of the principal officers of the National Assembly, namely, Speaker of the House of Representatives and President of the Senate; tends to support a devious political recalibration at play. If not for public outcry that attended the attempt to sidetrack Femi Gbajabiamila from the House Leadership, Buhari would not have intervened because it had become so obvious that the Southwest was being given the short end of the stick in a government it powered to victory.

Buhari and OyegunSenate President Bukola Saraki may be an accidental player on the throne. Yet in the event of his likely removal, Southwest would definitely not occupy that seat. So in a federal government that the President, Senate President, Speaker, Chief Justice of the Federation and Chief of Army Staff hails from the North; could that justify Southwest’s principal support? Granted that the Vice President is a plus but what is the guarantee that when important decisions concerning the running of this country would be taken that he would not be sent to represent the president on one continental or international event? But is Prof. Yemi Osinbajo a master in the game? Who does he know?

Implications Of Fashola’s Diminution On APC
RECENTLY the PDP accused President Muhammadu Buhari of shielding certain members of his party, APC from prosecution for graft. PDP also reminded the president that he was, by virtue of those tainted party men, a product of corruption. Among the prominent names mentioned in the opposition party’s release were former Lagos Governor, Babatunde Raji Fashola (SAN) and incumbent Kaduna State Governor, Malam Nasir el Rufa’i.

PDP may have its grounds for making the call, but the inclusion of the immediate past governor of Lagos State, Fashola, in the list of those tainted by corruption brings attention to the goings on in the APC, nay the Buhari Presidency. To some extent, the foundation for what the ACN, which transmuted to the APC, became could be rightly said to have revolved around Fashola. Until few weeks ago, the former governor remained the poster-child of good governance and credible leadership around whom the emergent party laid claim.

If Tinubu was hailed as the last man standing in 2003, his successor gave his (Tinubu’s) image a lift. Much of the respect a lot of Nigerians, especially those from Nigeria’s Southwest, reserve for Tinubu radiates from the innovation, foresight and intellectual rigour Fashola brought into the governance of Lagos State. Indeed, most Nigerians including those that have not set foot in Lagos saw in Fashola, a hardworking and focused emergent leader. Within his first four years in office as Governor, the former Chief of Staff to Governor Tinubu, tried to make Lagos a true Centre of Excellence!

So wide was Fashola’s acclaim, that when Comrade Adams Oshiomhole was campaigning to be the Governor of Edo State, no rally was addressed by him without several mention of Fashola’s as a blueprint of what his administration hopes to deliver in Edo.

From meticulous planning and uplift of infrastructure to environmental sanitation, Fashola tamed Lagos into a modern city. Add to that, he brought about a social science approach of evaluating progress of his government through a periodic measurement of its days in office. He opened a window to the working of his mind and his administration even as he put energy and enthusiasm into the running of the state government. The masses beheld his vision and approved his mission with their goodwill and support, so much so that in 2011, when there arose some telltale signs that he might be denied a second term ticket, many prominent citizens intervened.

Fashola’s good name continued to circulate even during the merger proceedings of the APC. It could be said that the defection of five governors into the APC was ostensibly to enjoy the warmth of the good governance reputation of Fashola. There is also reason to believe, that most Nigerians were infatuated by the association of Fashola with APC, to conclude that the party was a better alternative to PDP. But barely three months after APC won the 2015 general election it became obvious that everything that has a start must have an end. President Buhari had made it clear that no person that has the allegation of corruption hanging on his/her neck should be considered for inclusion in his cabinet. Most people believe that the delay in putting together the federal cabinet is caused by this prolonged search for angels.

But the delay provided mischief-makers and emergency whistle blowers the opportunity to take a closer look at the so-called apostles of change and good governance cavorting around the President. Sadly, it happened that the former members of the ACN found the opening to practice the art of self-destruct further. This time around, BRF, became the easy target. Suddenly details of how contracts were awarded to cronies and alleged dubious expenses graced the pages of major national news media. The architects of the damaging revelations succeeded in perforating the good-man image about Fashola.

And in curious combination of events, not long after the stunning expose, PMB released another batch of critical appointments into his government: there was no name from Southwest, the bastion of opposition and APC! Many observers and conspiracy theorists posited that Fashola lost the position of Chief of Staff to the President based on the damaging negative publicity of his stewardship as governor.

Those who planned and executed the media insurrection that downed BRF may have exulted in the success of their enterprise, but in the long run, APC as a party would bleed from it. The ACN, which served as the nucleus of APC, must have finally committed hara-kiri. However, it must be noted that it was a dangerous tradition that begun long ago. It is inscrutable why ACN decided on the practice of cutting its nose to spite its face. When the former Speaker of the State House of Assembly, Senator Olorunnimbe Mamora, was denied a second term access to the Senate, many thought it was merely part of a strategic political style of sharing positions. But the attack on Fashola has revealed a calculated plan to uproot new faces of Southwest progressive politics.
As happened to Mamora, the former Ekiti Governor, Kayode Fayemi, is also embattled. The question now is, if this sinister project of hacking down its first eleven continues, how far could the ACN family go to participate effectively in the federal government it helped to produce?
For APC, allies and supporters of PMB especially those of his erstwhile Congress for Progressive Change (CPC) may rejoice that the boisterous elements from the Southwest have through their programme of self-destruction provided a living space for them, in the end it would dawn on them that devoid of the active participation of the ACN elements that engineered the merger, APC will lose its focus and vitality.

And for Buhari’s presidency, without the ideological breath of the Southwest first eleven, his administration could betray its vacuous hold on the critical issues of change and good governance! Former military President Ibrahim Babangida was quoted as telling some of his military colleagues after one of his former ministers, dropped off a position paper in his office, that “when we find them useful we use them when we are done, we kick them out”. IBB was referring to civilian eggheads. But in the light of unfolding politics of new alliances, was Southwest used to give the North what it has always craved? Somehow! Southwest has keyed in deeply into the administration, such that it may not have the moral scruples to complain when things go awry.

There are also reasons to believe that the whole infighting and mudslinging among Southwest politicians revolve around who occupies high offices in the Federal Government. Fashola’s declaration that “I am not looking for a job…” bears that out. It seems history is about repeating itself. The late sage, Chief Obafemi Awolowo, the father of Yoruba politics fell out with Chief Akintola over relationship between West and North.

Could it be then that the decision by ACN to align with CPC, ANPP et al, without concrete agreements was misguided in the first place? Which first eleven would the Southwest send to the federal government in the light of this climate of distrust and narrow-mindedness? It is left to be seen as President Buhari unfolds his final list of appointees, if the final dismembering of APC would not ensue from the lack of tact in Southwest.

  • opam

    Of course it was a miscalculation. There would have been no Buhari or APC in Aso Rock without the SW / Tinubu faction. For failing to use the hunger for change to chat a progressive path for the nation, the SW faction cut its nose to spite its face. The change it achieved ended up as no change. It transferred power to a group that is anything but progressive. Squandering such a rare opportunity for mere political crumbs rather than real policy changes was a waste.

    • Goodluck

      The South west has no regret for installing Buhari as president even if the zone does not have any minister in the cabinet. Nigeria is not about an ethnic group or an individual, it is about good life for all its citizens. The earlier we all realize this the better. What the S/W politicians did can still be done again. If you can remember, when Abiola was denied the presidency of Nigeria, it took the country to field two presidential candidates from the S/W before the country could move forward. I wish our Igbo brothers could work together and elevate sound values above ethnic and selfish politics to be a formidable force in Nigerian politics.

      • iwe paul

        Do I detect a tinge of ethnic bigotry at heart masquerading as ‘ good governance and sound values’.No ethnic enclave has a monopoly of ‘ good governance or sound values’.

        • Goodluck

          I agree with you in toto. All what I am saying is that, we Nigerians of today should learn how to engage our leaders on policies and ideology of running the government and not on the language the president speaks. We need to grow as a nation.

      • opam

        Are you talking about the sound values the SW helped to install in 1967 which was the genesis of the present mess or the 2015 golden opportunity to bring about realistic change which the same SW used to usher in a no change? So much for the celebrated SW sagacity. For insisting on fiscal federalism on both occasions over SW and Northern preference for a backward one-size-fits-all system, I will choose SE’s “ethnic and selfish politics” a million times over the SW brand.

        • Goodluck

          Goodluck then.

          • Eben

            I felt proud when I started reading comments by readers to this article, regardless of their disagreements. It was such an interesting intellectual diagnosis of Nigeria’s problem (and such compelling contributions) coming from Nigerian readers, till it degenerated into ethnic narrative and eventual nuances of regional small-mindedness. You will advance the process of “dialectical materialism” by engaging in the conceptual chess game that moves the pieces around the board for the advantage of ordinary Nigerians and conceptually evolve a strategy of good governance for the country. Be also aware, that as much as you will like such conceptual strategy to work, it will first be a “thesis” which others will dissect and criticize, for all concepts tend to wobble or even derail when they first collide with real life. The entity called Nigeria, is still a concept even after 55 years of independence, whether you agree or not. However, the direction she is heading will be impacted by how Nigerians (like you discussants) chart the course of the country. You all mean well, and you agonize at such a slow pace of advancement given the overwhelming talents and resources at Nigeria’s disposal. But You will be creating a strong headwind for the Nigeria you love if pettiness and ethnicity still remain the central core of your narrative.

          • Goodluck

            You are very right, but the problem was originated by the writer of the article. As a matter of fact, if our country must outgrow all these problems of tribalism, i want to advice the editors of newspapers in Nigeria not to publish articles that seems to promote sectional interests. We need robust discussions on how to manage our health, education, environment, industry and not about S/W or S/E. How will that enhance development?

          • Eben

            Correct, Goodluck. We need to engage on issues that will uplift the standard of living of our people including health, education, housing, environment, job creation, housing and more, starting with good leadership and governance. When we focus on these issues, we will be laying a good foundation for the next generation.

      • Bright

        Mr. Goodluck, if you are honest with yourself, you will admit that what is happening now is not what you and your likes in Yoruba land bargained for. You say the South West don’t care about ethnicity. You deceive yourself. Chief Awolowo, perhaps the greatest sage Nigeria has ever known and a practical politician advocated ethnic consciousness as the key to Nigeria’s future. Are you saying that he was stupid? I really feel sorry for people like you who want to play the Ostrich. The election of General Buhari has revealed once again the deep ethnic division in Nigeria, and you say the South West is not about ethnicity. Continue to deceive yourself. Or are you just taking solace, after four months of disappointment? What have you got for ganging up to install the man that served Abacha? Chairman, Federal Revenue Service?

        • Goodluck

          Please let us be honest with ourselves, tell me one good thing federal character or ethnic politics have done for us? When you travel out of Nigeria, do you carry the South East Nigerian passport? It is time we all reason together and hold fast to what is important to all of us. I met one Igbo friend sometime ago, and during the cancellation of the June 12 election when people were fighting, the guy said, “look, if Abiola becomes president, na buy we go buy milk, then no go distribute am free”. As far as this my friend was concerned, he wants an enabling environment to do his business not who actually occupies the seat of the government. All these issues of SW miscalculated or not sensitive to federal character is the rantings of small minds. let us take up ourselves on policies and ideology of running the government and not on who gets which appointments or not.

      • TAJ

        Your Ethnic bigotry is appalling for someone your age.

  • Fuzio

    The SW will endure hardship and even harm no matter how undeserved as long as the SE is getting it worse even when they (SE) deserve it. That explains the curious silence of the SW as Buhari continues to trample the Federal Character principle enshrined in the constitution and establish a purely Northern administration in this country. Anybody expecting these old hands from the North to usher in the progressive era in Nigeria is living in fantasy.

    • Goodluck

      The south west is not as ethno-centric as the Igbos. If you can recollect, it was the S/W that championed the emergence of Tambuwal as the speaker of House representatives against the Mulikat Akande, the PDP choice. What the other ethnic groups needs to understand about the south west is that, the country needs good governance irrespective of who provides it. It is not about federal character enmeshed in corruption. The West had a taste of good governance under Awo and they still all yearn for that kind of government at the federal level in Nigeria. This is the first ACN/CPC experiment, if they succeed in lifting the country out of corruption and into a good governance, definitely, leadership will still come to south west without a shout of federal character.

      • Fuzio

        There is nothing progressive or worthy of emulation by forfeiting your constitutional rights no matter who else is not getting theirs or what grander ideal you hope to accomplish by so doing. Awolawo is long gone. Nigeria of today is not Nigeria of Awolawo’s time. You remind me of Republicans in America who continue to chant Ronald Reagan every time they open their mouth whether he deserved the accolades or not.
        Sorry, I fail to see the merits of giving up your constitutional rights today in order to achieve some imaginary lofty ideal tomorrow.

        • Goodluck

          Your position reminds me of Esau in the Bible who sold his birth right because he could not control his appetite. I dont really understand what you mean by constitutional right, a Yoruba man was president for good 8 years. In the Yaraduah/Goodluck Administration, Yorubas were sidelined, today, a Yorubaman is the vice president of the country. Yorubas are strategic thinkers who are not really carried away by the fraudulent federal character system which some people feels it is their only way they can partake in the bleeding of the nation.

      • evaristus udeani

        Sorry, your discuss on this issue gives out your age. You are not a student of history. By the time the SW is ” used and dumped” , then you will realise your foe, then too late for you.

        • Goodluck

          You do not really understand the mindset of the S/W people, they are after good governance not a selfish interest been canvassed through federal character by the writer of this article. In the past 16 years of our democracy, the S/W has shown that it is a force to be reckon with in the Nigerian politics. What do you mean by dumping S/W after the zone has produced a president for 8 years? It is you people that need to articulate yourself and show that you can take over Nigerian presidency through a clean political process. We are waiting for you.


    Wow! What a great write up. This shows that Nigeria still have some silent intellectuals, even though people like Mr. Adesina, Reuben Abati left us their many fans behind and opted for a more juicy job. Anyway, more grease to your elbow, Mr. Leo. Fashola’s absence from the APC’s Federal Govt will make me feel bad,but who to blame if not for his own recklessness? This should teach public officeholders (especially those who aspire to higher office), to be more careful. My take in this case though, is that President Buahari can still damn the consequence and make his appointments. By so doing, he must have given the people a second chance, after all, if we want to be sincere to ourselves, there’s no Nigerian that’s a saint. Besides, Nigeria is in a mess, and in a critical situation where business as usual will never meet the yearnings of the people. The country not only needs thinkers or dreamers, but people with big heart and foresight whose capable hands would help the Government in the materialization of set goals and objectives in order to move the country forward.

  • Benedict Akinola

    We learn everyday, regardless of age. We must not be in a hurry or seen as rushing. A good deal of self appraisal and critical thinking are needed.

  • Lateef

    This is a poor attempt to play the Southwest against itself, and the APC against itself. It is just too easy to see through the subterfuge, and I would say no discerning mind would take it serious. In a breath, it was saying it was not about who is appointed, and in another complaining about a first eleven. At least, it has done the hatchet job it’s contracted to do but whoever the writer(s) are, he should tell the sponsors we are not fazed by the sublime dishonesty it represents.

  • Deji Fadina


    This is a most tribalistic write-up I have ever seen.

    It’s the hack journalists like these that drown this country.

    You can identify Tinubu with the Yorubas simply because there was no larger stage for him. But his ambition transcends the region.

    And more important, his ambition cannot be reduced to how many posts the Yorubas have or do not have.

    His struggles have always been on the side of refusal of terroristic dictatoship of the Babangida/Abacha regimes and the bullying democracy of an Obasanjo.

    People forget conveniently that he was a major force in getting Jonathan elected in 2011. Yes, his plans with Buhari failed to work then, but the truth was that his favors landed on Jonathan.

    I can’t remember him going on the pages of the Newspaper to scream marginalization as South Southerners and their cousins swallowed up billion gulping political positions.

    Neither he nor the Yorubas asked for anything.

    Now that he has helped produce a Buhari Presidency it’s the yorubas, its the Yorubas yorubas Yarubas yaraba, Yoruba traitor, Yorubas sellout, yorubas accepting to be fulani slaves, Yorubas have shot themselves in the foot.

    It’s as if the Yorubas are a convenient appendage to the naked self interests of the other major tribes.

    No, the Yorubas, based on their experience with Akintola and others have learnt that positions are only useful to families of those who occupy them as they do not care for anybody.

    What have the Obasanjos, Ogunlewes, Babatopes, Okupes, Fani Kayodes done for the Yorubas? What did Rasaki and all his gang of former military leaders do for the Yorubas?

    Only Awolowo, and now Tinubu are seen as exemplifying what the Yorubas expect in governance.

    So we do not want posts .We want good government.And if you look at Tinubu’s position through the years and his choice of succession, he cared for who cares for the masses.

    In this case, it is the Nigerians he cares for, or at least the interest of the populace.

    If we do not follow the Afenifere today, it is because they have shown their true colors after selling out to Obasanjo in 2003 and to Jonathan in 2015.

    The Yorubas are protecting their interests by working with Buhari.


    Many people have a problem accepting the fact that most yorubas do not give a damn as to WHO RULES AS LONG HE OR SHE CARES.

    If Jonathan had done well, Tinubu would have had no problem supporting his re-election.

    So he should, in the name of Southern solidarity, allow him and his Samsom-like girls to bring down the whole house?

    Stop locking the current Yoruba leadership into the self interest box.

    The Yorubas are not losing if Buhari succeeds, but they also have the right to question the process by which he plans to get there.

    Including every part of Nigeria in his team is one of such processes, not because he wants to eat.

    If Buhari or the North decides to play it another way, 2019 is always there.

    We are all learning.

    • Gaskins

      I have not looked at Tinubu this way before. Makes a lot of sense. Jonathan took him for granted. Will Buhari do same? Where will he go next? Honestly, he is trying.

      • Deji Fadina

        God Bless you, Gaskins: Remember Ebenezer Obey sang: The world turns and we humans can only turn with it.

        Tinubu, you,Fashola, Rochas myself and all those who love progress will just continue until we get it right and have the likes of Fashola, the earlier Jakande, the Sam Mbakwe, the Tam David West, the Ambrose Alli people who really care, and show it through probity and physical development of their States.

        We shall fall many times.

        But we shall also rise many times.

        As Churchill said: We shall never never surrender to those forces that are fighting our future, the future of our children.

        It’s just uncanny the type of results we got from Jonathan–a Ph.D, son of the Oil areas who should have shown love for his land and pour oil money to resolve the perpetual problems of erosion, pollution, start the process of stopping the misuse of oil money, redress the oil block thefts by the Military etc., etc.

        I was so sure we got it right in 2011.

        And then, if he was sincere with the Confab, why did he not start it much earlier and try to get it through all the legislative obstacles inside his four years.

        He should have known that there was no way a Northerner President could even look at it, without having his family eliminated by the northern power cabal.

    • Goodluck

      Bless you. I expect people to write about economic and political ideological arguments that grows the economy rather than S/W or N/E taking positions in government. Great mind discuss issues while small minds discuss personalities.

      • Deji Fadina

        Thanks Goodluck, let us junk all the crap people write and try at our own end to raise rhe level of the national discourse, if that is all we can do.

        • Goodluck

          I quite agree with you, there are so many deceptions going around and unfortunately, our people easily buys into this falsehood.

  • utuep

    Quite interesting. The domineering nature of how Tinubu operates with respect to positions, government patronage and access to resources should also be factored in. His attempts to discredit and diminish the national confab also says a lot about his vision and motives.

  • akin

    Deji and Goodluck… I don’t know the basis of your position. In 1965, Awo and Akintola got it wrong with the northern conservatives. In 2015, Tinubu et al again foolishly got it wrong with another sets of northern conservatives. They walked into a coalition without a solid agreement. i still don’t know why and how a sensible person nay a politician of Tinubu caliber would trust a typical Fulani with power. I hate this face saving position of hiding behind principle when you are being battered. It is annoying for Goodluck to be referring to the ignominious role played by ACN during the speakership tussle involving Mulikat. The West end up complaining of marginalization afterwards. Did you see how the Tambuwal that got ACN dirty backing then pay back in the supporting their own? YORUBA RONU.If you think power would drop on your laps without intrigues and strategic planning from beginning to the end …pity!!!!. If you think one development and economic growth in the form seen during Awolowo time will come with the present FISCAL STRUCTURE we are running …..please wake up!!!!. We are running a sleeper economy driven and fueled by beggary ideology of oil rent and devoid of innovation and competitiveness, yet most of ‘progressives’ ignorantly expect quantum growth that will create employment….sorry!!!.

    • Goodluck

      Akin, well spoken. There are issues in the present APC/CPC alliance which probably may have caused problem for people like Tinubu, but please let us always remember that we are practicing a democracy now, we should also know that no one zone can single-handedly produce the president without the cooperation of the other. The problem hindering the full participation of people like Tinubu in this government may not be unconnected with integrity that is tainted with corruption. We heard initially that Buhari desired to use Fashola in his government before the Lagos people came out to rubbish Fashola, that is not the problem of hausa filani, if it is possible for Buhari to dump all the present political leaders on grounds of corruption, he would have dropped them, but he does not trust any of them. As regards the fiscal structure, the ultimate solution to Nigeria’s problem would be fiscal federalism, I can tell you that if we can sustain our democracy for a very long time, we are going to trash out all the problems eventually.