Reps label Akwa Ibom’s raid ‘assassination plot’



THE Akwa Ibom State Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Caucus in the House of Representatives says last week’s raid of Akwa Ibom Government House by the Department of State Service (DSS) amounted to a plot to assassinate Governor Emmanuel Udom.

The group, while deploring the action yesterday in Abuja said: “Before you carry out a search, the law says you must have a search warrant.

The law says for a search of that magnitude to be carried out, the DSS were supposed to obtain a search warrant and also have two neutral people to observe whatever they were doing.” The group contended that none of these provisions was complied with by the security agency, noting that, “the DSS just went to Uyo, broke the doors and forcibly gained entrance into the Government House and carried out their illegal activity in the capital.”

The caucus continued: “Section 308 of the Constitution prescribes immunity for the President, Vice President and the Governor enjoys it.

So, if the DSS think that they can just pick and choose who enjoys the privilege, then that is not right.” “We are made to believe that the DSS were going there to kill the Governor of Akwa Ibom State and then lay blames on unknown gunmen after the operation. “We are calling on all democrats and law-abiding citizens of Nigeria to rise up to this occasion.

We have seen democracy in this country for 16 years. In the last six years in this country, never has it been this bad. What we have experienced in three months is worse than what we have seen in this country in the last six years of democracy,” they alleged.

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