‘Only a popular candidate can win Anambra for APC’

Obinna Uzoh

As the APC picks its candidate for the November 18 governorship elections in Anambra State next Saturday, Obinna Uzoh, one of the aspirants, lists the qualities of a good flag bearer. He spoke with Seye Olumide.

What to expect on Saturday?
As the delegates hit the ballot to select a standard bearer to represent our party on November 18, so many factors must be put into consideration. These include the aspirants’ political antecedents, pedigree, philanthropic efforts and previous contributions to the development of the state, church affiliation, senatorial district, and godfatherism, among others. The delegates should support a candidate who have all the credentials I listed above and many more. It is only a candidate with such credential that will win the election proper. I am the person who fits into this.

What is this talk about zoning?
There is a general consensus that the first term of Governor Willie Obiano, who is from northern senatorial district, is besmeared by lack of confidence stemming from poor performance. In 2003, Dr. Chinwoke Mbadinuju who is from Anambra South, precisely Ihiala local council where I hail from, was accused of lack of performance and consequently denied second term. When I offered to remedy the situation, there was resistance. The electorate then insisted that the baton must shift to another zone, thus paving the way for the central senatorial district to have 11 years in power under Sen. Dr. Chris N. Ngige and Mr. Peter Obi. It will therefore be inequitable to again insist that the governorship position be zoned to Anambra North. In fact, what is equitable is that the baton goes south.

There is a need to correct the injustice meted to Anambra South in 2003 by allowing a capable person from the South (precisely Ihiala L.G.A) to take over the position. The APC must go South as the North stays with APGA. It is unfortunate that the present government has failed to consolidate on the good records of the past administration and has lost popular support. If the APC zones her ticket to the South, it gives her the opportunity to garner more votes from the zone as Obiano did little or nothing for the entire state particularly South. If we make the mistake of remaining in the North, it will be a collateral damage for our party.

What is the role of the church in Anambra politics?
In the politics of state, it is crystal clear that the church plays a vital role in determining who wins an election. Some people may want to push this point over, but it remains the solid truth that the Church plays a major role in making and unmaking a candidate. Thus, the delegates must check the standing of the aspirants with the Church, before deciding whom to go for. They should go for a man with an open heart and a cheerful giver. That’s the person who wins the heart of the people. Some aspirants start to give when election is around the corner, thereby playing to the gallery just to score cheap political points. The society never forgets those who give back to it. Thus, the APC must go for a candidate who, aside politics, has employed his personal resources to better the life of the masses.

What type of candidate do you think will win the election for APC?
We must not make the mistake of selling to the people an unpopular figure. A candidate that is not known in all the senatorial zones will do more harm than good to the party’s prospects. The APC must also look for a candidate with great antecedent. We need a candidate with good character. I, for instance, eats, dines and wines with the downtrodden, the less privileged, the high and mighty in the society. Many people attest to this. I will refer you to what Archbishop Okeke said of me. He had declared: “I have followed the activities of Sir Dr. Obinna Uzoh towards the less privileged and they are edifying. He has assisted many indigent students through scholarship. He has built houses for the poor, he has built hostels and lecture halls for students, churches for worshippers of different denominations and he renovated one of the cells in Onitsha prisons. He identifies with the poor and the lowly. He has not excluded the rich; his friendship cuts across the poor and rich. He has identified with the governments, states and federal. He is a good man in all sense of definition.”

Therefore, the APC should listen to such personalities in Anambra in making a choice. The APC must present a candidate who has, over time, consistently proved himself to genuinely have the best of intentions for the state. There are so many commendations from religious and non-religious eminent personalities on this man of the people.

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