Call Okorocha to order, Ebonyi APC tells party’s national leadership

Governor Rochas Okorocha

This may not be the best times for governor Rochas Okorocha, as he seems to be at war on many fronts on account of his adoption of former Senate President, Ken Nnamani as the leader of All Progressives Congress (APC) in the South East.

While his feud with governor Willie Obiano of Anambra state over the pronouncement that three serving governors would soon join the APC, is yet to abate, his party members in Ebonyi state are up in arms against him.

The APC in Ebonyi yesterday disassociated itself from the purported adoption of Nnamani by Okorocha as the leader of the party in the South East zone.
Acting state chairman of the party, Pastor Eze Nwachukwu Eze in a statement urged on the national leadership of the party to call Okorocha to order to avoid causing more harm to the party.

“The party is currently registering new members and planning ways to improve her fortunes in subsequent elections while one man, who want to see himself as a pseudo god, is busy building non-existent empires and living in a dream world,” Eze said.

The Imo state governor had at a meeting in Owerri last week, announced Nnamani as the APC leader in the zone. The Ebonyi chapter of the party, which described the development as a huge joke, added that the action was intended not only to ridicule the status of the party within the South East zone but also to cause unnecessary disaffection in the party.

Eze argued that the leadership of the Party was not done by any form of executive fiat, alleging that Okorocha’s action was reflective of his usual penchant for mischievous contributions and ideologies to political matters.

His words: “The attention of the APC, Ebonyi state has been drawn to the attempt to ridicule the party in the South East zone by the mischievous gimmicks of Governor Rochas Okorocha of Imo state who will stop at nothing to discredit the party at all times.

“His recent adoption of distinguished Senator Ken Nnamani as his leader in the South-East is an attempt to give what he does not have which amounts to a joke and APC Ebonyi state disassociates itself wholly from the charade.

“For the avoidance of doubt, we state unequivocally that Dr. Ogbonnaya Onu remains the number one APC leader in Igboland. He not only founded the APC but also has remained resolute in building on the gains of the merger that brought the party into existence.

Eze enjoined Nnamani, whom he noted is a leader in his own right, to be wary of the likes of Okoroacha who seek to destroy him.“In the first place, leaders are not appointed by fiat. It is common knowledge that leaders evolve over time where their qualities become glaring that they naturally ease into the leadership role. All revered leaders in the world, past and present have passed through this road.“Thus, the infamous declaration of Governor Okoroacha is at best a product of a known rabble-rouser whose penchant for mischief knows no bound,” he added.

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  • AZZO

    How many times do we want to say it? Igbos are their own worst enemies. No other persons or tribes or government discriminates or marginalise the Igbos than the Igbos themselves. It is very obvious Igbos don’t like themselves and don’t see eye to eye. But they are quick to cry marginalisation at the drop of a hat. I wish these rubbish group who call themselves IPOB or is MASSOB can read between the lines and stop their worthless agitations, channel all of their resources towards addressing the main and major Igbo problem – hatred within and amongst Igbos and the Igbo race.

    • Godwin

      In what capacity are you making these statements @ Azzo? What do you know about the IGBO race? If you don’t know about a people, quit talking and stop making stupid statements about them. I guess you are one of the haters of Igbos but your opinion surely does not count so keep your mouth shut!

      • AZZO

        You see what your problem is? I am so happy that you did not disappoint. Just have a read of your reply to me, see the obscenity and use of profanity. Is this not your hallmark as an irresponsible Igbo son? How have you concluded that I am not Igbo? Please tell how you have come to that conclusion. “I guess you are one of those Igbo haters”. Did you have to guess? Why not be assertive? My opinion is not for warped minds and therefore will not count for such minds. Let reasonable and healthy Igbo minds read and make comments. Ordinarily, I would not have dignified your piece with a response but just to let you see your despicable rant, it became necessary. If you noticed, no one else has commented either because it is not their cup of tea or they see some sense in my write-up. I urge you to please jump out of that cesspool in your backyard and if you find it difficult to do, please seek help.